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JRsGirlie asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago

Which snake makes the best pet?

I want a snake that likes to be handled....and i was also wondering if snakes come de-vanged.

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    I think you would be happy with a corn snake, they come in hundreds of different morphs (colors) you can find almost anything now days. I think they are the only snakes that come in so many different colors....but anyway. Balls and Boa's are nice snakes and for the most part are easy keepers except that they get rather large and getting them a cage large enough for them can be pricey.

    That is a good place to buy snakes from, I orderd a butter (yellow) and a snow coral (pink) the babies were healthy and alive when I got them.

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    1 decade ago

    robert b that was prob the worst advise i have ever seen, anyone how would recommend a hot as a first snake shouldnt be giving advise on snakes.

    there are alot of good first snakes, corns milks red tail boas spotted pythons children pythons, i would say you should stay away from larger snakes like burms retics anacondas african rocks, and arboreal snakes casue they tend to be aggressive and have harder care. no venomous snakes are good as starter snakes..

    and for the coming de fanged. are you afriad to get bit ?

    if so then you may want to stay away from snakes all together because if you keep snakes your going to be bit some time. and in venomous snakes you can take out the fangs but they grow back pretty fast and its curel. venomoids are venomous snakes that have had the venom glands and sacs removed. i think venomoids are stupid, a cobra with out venoms is just a big corn snake with a wide neck

    pick the snake you can provide the care for and one that you like handle a few different snakes of each species..

    Source(s): i own around 50 snakes
  • 1 decade ago

    Cornsnakes are the best starter snakes.

    Only venomous snakes have true fangs (corns are not) but all snakes have teeth. You would not want a venomous snake as a pet.

    Before you get a snake, hold some at the pet store, etc. to find out if is something that you will enjoy. Otherwise it's just a waste of your time and money.

  • 1 decade ago

    This is my own personal list of favorite beginner snakes. Within this group it's up to personal preference--each has it's better points and it's up to the individual to decide what is most important to him. None of the ones I recommend are fanged, rather they have small teeth, about 1/8 long or less, with which they grip their prey and swallow it.

    1. Captive bred ball python.

    2. New world rat snakes, such as the corn snake, black rat snake, yellow rat snake and the like.

    3. Pine snakes.

    4. King snakes or milk snakes.

    5. Garter snakes

    6. Rosy boas

    7. Children's pythons and related species

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    I preferred burmese pythons. I have also had a red tailed boa and a ball python. If you get them while they are small and handle them properly and often they will all like to be handled by you. they can become pocessive at times though. keep in mind that when owning a snake you must also know that you need to keep their food as well. depending on the size you will need to have mice or rats available. the snake will grow depending on how much it eats. I have helped keep snakes small in the 5-8 foot range by limiting the amount of food they have access to and i have also grown a snake to 16 feet long in about a year and a half by keeping it always fed so she would grow large enough to be a breeder. Snakes are a lot of work and would recommend talking to your pet store and see if anyone in your area has snakes that could help yoou get started. some places have a training class for new snake owners to help them with all of their needs. Good luck on your new adventure

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    You don't de-fang non-posionous snakes. They don't have fangs. I like my ball python but they don't like to be handled much. Boas are good snakes to handle a lot but they can get very large and take more than one person to handle. Any snake over 6 foot long requires 2 people in the room to handle.

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    For a starter snakes, I would suggest getting a corn snake or king snake, and possibly a Ball (AKA Royal) python. NO Burmese, no venomous, and no tree snakes. There’s no such thing as de-fanging by the way. I would look up as much as possible on each species before you buy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Corn snake.... no question however as other answers have stated Boa's are friendly however for a first snake go for a corn or a black rat..... they still grow 4"+ and are really friendly if you get bit no problem but if a boa bites although not venomous it could do some damage.

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    Since you seem concerned about fangs/being bit. I suggest a smaller snake, and start with a young one.

    I have had a California King snake for 10-11 years. Sammy is gentle and likes to be held. I got him when he was a wee one.

    Also big do you want the "food" to be? Sammy's largest food is a mouse.

  • 1 decade ago

    Alright well since you wernt specfic on the size ill give you a few options.

    1) Corn Snake: a corn snake is a great first pet probly the easiest to raise. very well temperd and very pretty. They only get to be about 4-5ft. Which will require about a 20 Long tank. thats a 20 gallon streched out instead of tall. They love heat so be sure you have a proper heat source NO heat rock. try for a UTH (under tank heater) Best for heat and a light if it still dosent get hot enough. These cost about $40 can get for less.

    2) Redtail Boa: Also a very well temperd snake. loves to wrap around your hand fr saftey. (which is what i personally like) But these to get pretty big aroun 8-10ft. which will require about a 4ft cage. And these guys love to hide under brush and rocks or hide boxes. but can be very pretty and pricy. about $90 for a baby normal one. But they are great for beginners.

    3) Ball (royal) Python: Is much like the redtail boa. and bout the same price only thing about these is that they tend to get picky about food unlike the othrs who will usally eat anyting.

    those are just some of the snakes which i persoanlly think would be great for you.

    As far as getting them defanged DONT and no they wont come that way. they need to to feed with and cant go without em. If you are afraid of the bite its perfectly normal but if you want a snake its something you will have to get used to. THEY ARENT POISIONOUS so dont worrie about that they hurt a little like sand paper but they need the teeth. none of the snakes i mentioned have "fangs" like rattle snakes or anything. they have tiny teeth only so dont worrie.

    if you need more info feel free to email me or pm me.

    Source(s): Snake Owner
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