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What should i do in this situation?

like i know bro's before ho's but still my friend was always pms-ing about everything his girlfriend did so she stopped liking him and then she started liking me cuz she thought i was cool or w/e but now she wants to get back together with him but i think he's moved on to another girl the girl that i liked before me and his gf started liking eachother so ya he's like playing his ex so should i tell her this or not?

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    i m more concerned about ur english

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    You got a lot of nerve calling yourself this guys friend after what you did, getting with her. Did you really think she was going to stay with you after all she left your friend to be with you dimwit. The other guy isn't right for playing her either, but anyone would find it hard to feel sorry for either of you. How about getting some 1. standards 2. morals 3. self respect 4. honesty, and stop crapping on your friends

  • G A
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    Thats a really tough call. Here is why:

    If you tell her, it looks like you're trying to put the other guy down. Most girls don't go for that kind of behavior very much. They function on emotion much more than logic. (Us guys tend to function on logic more than emotion which has its own perils.)

    If you don't tell her and she finds out, she'll probably blame you for not filling her in. If that happens, you don't look like such a good guy either in that situation.

    Not to complicate things, but if I were you, I'd ask somebody else you and his ex and this girl know to have a talking with her. I think it would be best if you look like you're not involved in this whole business even though you really will be. Try to stay out of it as much as possible though. I think thats the only way for you to possibly come out looking good in this situation.

    I hope it works out for you.

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    Take an English class before you ask for help on a tricky situation about which sounds a bit like a soap opera. As a friend that can understand your situation and language to get more help

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    To qoute a recent movie... "You're puttin the pussy on a pedestal"

    Drop the girls.


    Have a merry christmas.

    Please send all flames to:

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    Unless she is related to you (which would be gross since she liked you) you have no business discussing your friend's stuff with her.

    Unless you're looking to lose your guy friend and this girl (who doesn't like you now anyway).

  • Dennis
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    Man's that's one crazy *ss love triangle man....personally i'd tell her ***, kick her to the curb and go OUTSIDE the triangle and save the drama that's gonna surmount from all that. Wow.

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    It depends,Do u wanna hurt her or do u wanna betray ya buddy,if u do tell her she cant tell him how she found out

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    Yes you should tell her this and all of this information.You complicate your life too much. Good luck to you.

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    yep, its in her best interest that she knows whats going on

    other wise all hell will break loose if she finds out before you tell her

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