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Roughly calculation of number Im getting back of tax return?

My fiance and I just bought a home this Aug 2006 and start payment right away.

$1350/month including interest, property tax.

My fiance gets even year to year from tax return. ( I mean everytime he files or claim a tax its either he gets only $50-75 bucks or owes.

I would say he mostly dont get nothing every year.

I get $800-1000 every year

Now that we bought own this home and he makes more money than I do, Who will better benefits to claim it? (Mind this, it really doesn't matter who gets the money as we both share this returns)

I just want to know the better benefits?

We both files single as we are not married yet.

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  • JQT
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    1 decade ago
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    Given that he makes more money, chances are his marginal tax rate is higher than yours. So it is most likely that you guys will benefit more if he claims the whole deduction on his return.

    Best wishes.

  • 1 decade ago

    CORRECTION! You will get back slightly more IF YOU PAID ALL YEAR. Here's why: itemized deductions generally net you more than the standard deduction. Since you bought a home and paid $1,350/month, most of that went to interest and taxes. I would say you should see a bump in the range of $100-200 if you made the same as last year.

    Since you bought the home in August it won't net you enough yet. Once you keep it a whole year then it will be worth filing itemized. Right now you should still take the standard deduction.

  • 1 decade ago

    Assuming that neither of you changed your withholdings after purchasing the house, both of you should get larger refunds.

    When two people purchase a house together, the mortgage will appear in just one person's name. If you decide the split the mortgage interest and property taxes, you need to decide on the split percentage, and you should attach statements to both returns explaining the split, since the IRS will only receive one 1098 detailing the interest paid by one individual.

  • 4 years ago

    Do you owe the IRS any money? if so as that area would desire to be deducted out of your return. Or in case you do no longer, and in the experience that your mom claimed you and additionally you're no longer residing together with her and on your guy or woman for greater effective than 6 months of ultimate year, she is technically defrauding the IRS and she or he needs to amend her return so which you will get this mess straightened out. She would desire to a minimal of pay you your share of the return. call IRS and keep calling till you get an answer. you will desire to are turning out to be a reimbursement a protracted time in the past.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well see that's what's tough about living together without being married, these strange situations come up and have to be solved. Why not phone H&R Block to be sure. Seems to me since you're not married that you'd have to first figure out all that's owed on the home and other things you two split, then figure the percentage you'd owe by your income alone, and then you'd claim that percentage on your IRS form.

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