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What chemical will eat the corrosion off copper to restore electrical conductive properties?

It sure would be nice if there was something you could just put on copper connectors to restore electrical circuits that have stopped working due to corrosion.

Thank You.

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    toothpaste works very well for cleaning just scrub it with an old toothbrush and rince.. if possible use distilled water to rince

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    I'm not exactly sure what type of electrical connectors you are talking about..but...

    You can take some plain old Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and add some water to it and pour it over the battery terminals on your car to get all the crud off of them.

    You might try a small amount on whatever you may be talking about...

    A wire brush would help...or a pocket knife. If it is really small use a fingernail file or a piece of sandpaper (cut small) folded over to get the crud off.

    good luck

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    111 Trichloroethane will shine the copper up like a new penny, no scrubbing required and dries instantly. Some spray contact cleaners still have the stuff, but it was phased out as a class 1 ozone depleting substance at the same time as R12 I believe.

    Look for a spray contact cleaner with chloro- or fluoro- ingredients and they'll do a pretty good job.

    The green global warming ozone hole crowd will hate you though. Just re-label the can anti-republican spray and they'll love it.

  • electrical contention can get it at any auto part store

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    baking soda & water & wire brush.

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