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Whatever happened to R Kelly's court case?

Whatever happened to the child pornography charges against R Kelly? And is he still out there messing around with teenage girls?

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    Allegations of Kelly's sexual activity with underage girls go as far back as 1991, when several girls claimed to have had sex with him. In 1994, rumors surfaced that Kelly had married fellow singer Aaliyah, which both singers had denied in the past.

    However, none of the prior reports reached the level of publicity that followed the release of a video tape in February 2002 that allegedly showed Kelly and a 14-year-old daughter of an associate, and niece of a former Kelly protege, engaging in sex. The tape, released by an unknown source, was sent to the Chicago Sun Times, the newspaper that broke the story. While witnesses have identified Kelly and the girl, the alleged girl and her parents have denied that she is the person shown on the tape.

    Bootleg copies of the tape became widely available on the black market and over file sharing networks. The tape showed numerous sex acts, including the girl being urinated upon. In June 2002, Kelly was indicted in Chicago for 21 counts of soliciting a minor for child pornography, seven counts of videotaping the acts, and seven counts of producing child pornography. These charges came after viewing the tapes showed that there was no actual sexual intercourse involved. Currently, Kelly still faces fourteen of the charges. In addition to those charges, Kelly was further indicted in Florida in January 2003 on twelve counts of possession of child pornography. However, the charges were dropped after the search that led to the indictment was ruled illegal. In 2004, allegations emerged that among Kelly's tapes was one including gospel singer Deleon Richards, the wife of New York Yankees baseball player Gary Sheffield.

    There have been several other lawsuits against R. Kelly.[1] A female dancer sued for invasion of privacy alleging secret taping of her private acts with him and allowing distribution of copies without her consent. Two other sex suits by underage girls were settled and he denied any relationship with either of them. Another woman sued him claiming he seduced her at age 16, got her pregnant, and forced her to get an abortion.

    During the pornography controversy, Kelly's problems carried over into his own family. His wife, Andrea, sought a restraining order against him on September 2, 2005 claiming he physically and verbally attacked her on two occasions but rescinded her request on September 26. Andrea had been a backup dancer before they married and is the mother of his son and two daughters.[2] A trial date has still not been set [1] but it will feature a public showing of the videotape that allegedly shows Kelly performing sex acts with an underage girl

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    Nope. His trial replaced into positioned on carry with the aid of fact the prosecutor went on maternity leave. It replaced into meant to commence final month, and now could be postponed indefinitely. i does no longer hassle, nonetheless -- he, and those expenditures, are not going everywhere. they are able to postpone it till ultimately 2010, and that lady can no longer seem any older in the video.

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    He beat that court case.

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    its not goin to happen b/c he has money

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