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Iran President Says to invade Israel off the map?

Maybe he didnt mean it? I mean people say things when they get mad.

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    The Iranian President literally wants to wipe Israel off the Map, he denies the Nazi Holocaust happened and accuses the Jews of making it up.

    Well guess what Israel will never be wiped off the Map, in fact someday Israel will be a lot larger forever and ever.

    God said he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

    Well guess what the President of Iran is cursed unless he changes his tune.

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    Iran has proclaimed that it wishes to destroy Israel. Nuclear weapons would give them the opportunity to do so, heaven forfend.

    If Israel does indeed have a nuclear capability, it will use it only as a last resort, after a first strike by some other power.

    Iran is the biggest threat to the West today, and their military capability must be curbed by the West.

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    Well either way it is an ignorant comment that should not be ignored. Whether or not an empty threat it is still dangerous to the Israeli people and needs to be addressed.

    But what was he mad about anways?? Israel didn't do anything to his country so I do not think that he was kidding ad I don't think that he was saying it out of anger.

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    Iran isn't a rustic to take a seat down passively and need what they desire to return actual does come actual. they did no longer take a seat around and anticipate the previous political business enterprise to undertake purist perspectives approximately Islam. they did no longer take a seat around and anticipate the U. S. to renounce taking benefit of their usa. If the representatives of Iran prepare a want for something to happen, the logical assumption is they're going to actively attempt to make it happen. Iran would not take a seat decrease back and anticipate Allah to grant; they believe themselves to be brokers of Allah's Will.

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    Unfortunately, he keeps on repeating it..He has never mentioned invasion... only destruction. Why are you attempting to apologize for someones shortcomings.. Why do you think they are on a crash course in an attempt to get nuclear power and its ramifications... thumbing their nose at the UN just as did Saddam. Even though his level of influence has been diminished by the most recent elections. The powers above him are the ones who actually rule the country and make the hard decisions. They are not chastising him for those statements made.

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    Actually he said wipe Israel off the map...there's no invading a nuclear wasteland :p

    Seems to be a lot of hotheads for world leaders lately...

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    Actually he says "wipe Israel off the map" and he means it...Of course he doesn't want to kill the people living in Israel...he doesn't want to commit genocide...He thinks Israel as a country ,should not exist anymore...He is against a country who ,by its existence, denies the existence of millions of people...And of course he has some political gains if Israel wouldn't exist in the Middle East...

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    Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he want to take over Europe and slaughter Jews. Only one person took him seriously, but Winston Churchill wasn't PM yet. Now, considering Adolfdenijad denies the Holocaust, do you think Jews (in this case Israel) are going to take that chance again?

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    He meant it completely and it's a mistake to think otherwise. Israel first, and then the U.S. if he's allowed to continue with his nuclear insanity.

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    he did mean it. He will be supported by other 400 million against 5,5 million. He is the second mad

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