Honda cx 500 1981 motor cycle?

I have a cx 500 woundering if the bike is worth fixing up to ride. Quite a strange looking bike but appeling enough to invest some time. do not have a lot of money tied up on bike seen a lot of pictures on them starting to grow on me.

Bike is complete and runs needs a complete reconditioning polish ,paint ect .

any feed back apreciated.

Merry Christmas.

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    1 decade ago
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    they make a very good starter bike to learn on :)

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    1 decade ago

    On those bikes the thing to watch for is that the water pump seal goes bad. If it does it will leak coolant from a weep hole under the water pump, which is in the middle of the back of the engine.

    The pisser is that you must remove the engine from the frame and disassemble the back engine cover to replace the seal (which requires a special factory tool). A shop will charge you 6 to 8 hours labor to do the job, which may make your good deal not so good. Other than that they are sort of an innovative design.

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    Hello i have owned 2 cx500's one with a side car one with out. I loved them. Another thing too watch out for is the stator if that goes bad it can be expensive. Althogh with most *** bike you can get parts bike very cheap. Engine comes out easy since it is part of the frame. They did get good gas millage too. I would not put alot of money in too them only because you can get realy nice ones cheaper but. If its something you want too ride for a long time build it and make it yours. The other thing that i almost for got is that the front brakes suck they stop very good but they tend too not want too realise i have rebuild them and a few weeks later they went bad. best thing too do there is rebuild it once. if it happens sticks agian. get a new used one that is known too be good. Any ways good luck you will love the bike. It will get you lots of looks and people will have no idea what kinda bike you have.

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    It's a comfortable and practical bike. I had one as my first bike, but the on I got was in poor shape and I didn't want to do all the repairs that I needed to make it hold up to a 40 mile commute. It may not have very much resale value, but if you like it and have the time, I'd say go for it.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • If you like it then you have answered your own question-and are seeking validation.

    If you are asking, I think it is an akward design from a time period when Honda used new technology for sake of using it. If there is a following for them then that helps a lot.

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