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What does the FDA think about Splenda?

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    FDA approves Splenda health claims.

    Publication: Food & Drink Weekly

    Date: April 3 2006

    Subject: Drug approval, Sugar industry

    FDA approves Splenda health claims: The Food and Drug Administration has said that it will allow food manufacturers who substitute sugar with sucralose, or Splenda, to make limited health claims. Splenda is used in a variety of products including low-calorie drinks and snacks. McNeil Nutritionals, a unit of Johnson & Johnson, petitioned the FDA 2004 to allow health claims associated with use of the product to appear on packaging. In response, the agency has said that products containing Splenda can state that they do not promote tooth decay. The FDA will not allow the health claims to be made for the sweetener, which is sold as a table-top sweetener in individual packets and in granulated form by McNeil, because then it contains dextrose and is not classified as 'sugar free'.

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    They've allowed it to be used by pregnant women

    Source(s): an aritcle in American baby...and I used it while I was pregnant!
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    they think it is fine to use in foods for bnaking and there are no warning s about

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