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Could this elbow pain be more than just bruising?

During a racquetball game about three weeks ago, I was moving quickly toward the back wall to hit the ball forward, and my momentum carried me into the wall -- hard. I doing so, my right elbow got squashed between me and the wall. The pain was momentarily severe, but I was able to continue playing. After a few days there was external evidence of bruising, which then disappeared a couple of days later. However, I continue to have a very sharp pain in the joint whenever I rotate my wrist in a backhand motion, especially while lifting something. Should I just wait it out, or could there be joint damage (cartilage, perhaps?) warranting medical attention? Again, there was no twisting or hyperextension; it was simply down at my side at about a 90-degree angle when it got compressed between my ribcage and the wall.

Possibly relevant info: age =42, weight = 210, physical condition = decent.

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    Yup. After three weeks if you are still experiencing pain, you need to have the arm examined. See a doc. Rest it, though, in the meantime. No more racquetball until cleared. RN

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    comparable ingredient happened to me it replaced into so undesirable I couldnt stroll and had to be in a wheel chair, this enables for the swelling and in basic terms approximately directly made it greater useful. Get a bowl or bucket of in basic terms approximately boiling warm water and mis it with salt placed your foot in there to take a seat back for no less than an hour. The greater circumstances you do it the quicker it somewhat is going to heal :) maximum suitable desires

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    go to the doctor and if he cant see you soon go to the hospital or some other place. You might have broke it or twisted it.

    Source(s): I just went to the ER last night and my leg is broken and i have been walking on it for 3 weeks
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    you should get your elbow checked by the doctor... sometimes you might have twisted your elbow joint (i know this, because i got it before) or there might be a hairline fracture

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    It could be tendonitis This is only a guess

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