Need help interpreting a dream I had?

I was at some type of birthday party with my husband,daughter and son and then I remember we were on these bicycles in a rush to get to my mother's house for safety because something was out there killing people.We get to my mom's house and she was there watching t.v. and we were trying to keep quiet so they wouldn't hear us.Then I was scrambling around the house making sure the doors were locked so they couldn't get in and I was telling my husband to grab the knives or whatever he could that was sharp and to stab whatever it was in the face or on the top of the head and not to let it bite him.I did encounter some and successfully killed them and then I remember being back at this barn or a fair that was over but in a barn like setting and then running back and forth from an ivy wedding like setting to the barn setting then I woke up.

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    Dreams are always related to something that's happening in our current lives. The threats in your dream are metaphorical to some threat you feel in your waking life the day before you had the dream. Usually, it's an emotional or psychological threat -- not physical, as in the dream. What do you feel you have to defend against? Your husband is your ally in the dream in the face of these perceived threats. See what comes to mind....

    You are the final authority on the meaning(s) of your dream. When you make the right interpretation(s), you'll recognize it with a physical reaction such as blushing or laughing.

    Source(s): I'm the author of three books on dreaming, including DREAMING YOUR REAL SELF (Perigee/Penguin 2000) and have taught dreamwork since 1993.
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    Dreams don't have meanings. All they are is the clearing of random thoughts from your brain from the 'memory' section to the 'non-memory' section. The only ones you ever remember are those that are occurring as you wake. You dream for around 5 hours a night and if you look at someone sleeping you can tell when they are dreaming by their REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which you can see happening beneath their eyelids. If dreams did have any 'meaning' then most would be lost so the 'meaning' would have to be sent by whoever is sending it to co-incide with your waking moment, something that would not be possible.

    The dream you have had consists of memories, fears and familiar people and if you hadn't written it down it would have departed your memory in a short time.

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    I know how I can help you to understand your dreams. Run a Google or Yahoo search and look up "dream dictionary."

    All dreams have themes and one of the themes in your dream is "pursuit." Once in the dream dictionary, you must look up some of what you saw such as bicycle, knives, darkness ect.

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    You know, when you take Diphenhydramine HCI (Unisom, Benadryl) before bed, you seldom dream. I've been taking it for years now to battle insomnia and haven't dreamt in who knows when.

    As for your dream, I believe there are a few websites out there that will interpret key figures in dreams. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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    I hope this site helps

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