i cant find a key generator!!?

i installed a game on my comp, and it came with soft ware that blocks me from searching the internet for a no cd crack or key generator. i dont know where the software wnet, did it go into my registery? exapmle, i looked up csi...works fine... i put in csi key generators, and it takes me to web sites that talk about power generators....and i noticed that next to the web site in the address bar that the msn butterfly comes up...does that make any sence? i did adaware check and virus checks, nothing finds it. everything works fine, just cant look up no cd or key generators....help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1st thing is to download Mozilla Firefox web browser..Then bring it up and go to www.yahoo.com and do a search for the game and the the word keygen...NOT KEY GENERATOR should look like this (csi keygen) and it should bring up some sites that may have it..Firefox is less prone to spyware and attacks than Windows IE...Thanks

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to astalavista and search through them. Definitely dump IE for firefox. Faster, more secure and easier to use.

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