i cant find a key generator!!?

i installed a game on my comp, and it came with soft ware that blocks me from searching the internet for a no cd crack or key generator. i dont know where the software wnet, did it go into my registery? exapmle, i looked up csi...works fine... i put in csi key generators, and it takes me to web sites that talk about power generators....and i noticed that next to the web site in the address bar that the msn butterfly comes up...does that make any sence? i did adaware check and virus checks, nothing finds it. everything works fine, just cant look up no cd or key generators....help?

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    Check your control panel.Open up your Internet connections.Go to the security tab on your internet connections.You can now change the security level settings.OK,if that doesnt work,maybe its a program,u said the msn butterfly icon was showing up,so maybe you have it as your default Internet Explorer search engine.Which is a Microsoft site,so if u need to go to add/remove programs in the control panel and remove the MSN toolbar.

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