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i am really angry at my grandaughter?

i am angry at my grandaughter, she wanted some xmas money and said her friends get xmas money. welll, i gave her pocket money frienday she played up then cos she wanted more it was 5 pounds and she wanted 10 so she played up in town she also had 3 pounds on sweets and money yesterday now she wants alot today, i said she could have 2 pounds but i cannot afford much more. My friend offered he ra pound and my grandson she said no she did not want it, makes me angry the way she talks to peopoe. She looked a bit dejected. I am not giving her no money now she is nine she used to be a nice girl. she has been chucking stones at the front door, she,s been going on all morining making me miserable. I went to hit her i had enough and she ran off out and chucked bricks at the door, she is see a counciller soon but she is is so stubborn i doupt if she will attend. I hvae had enough of her, why should i have to put up with all of this

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Calm down and learn to take control of the situation. Learn the correct way to discipline or find someone else to be responsible. Start out with the very things she loves and use that as a tool to control her behavior. You already have a clue with the money. Make her earn money with chores and good behavior. If she does not pay for the utilities then you can control the television. When she says she wants something ask her if she has been the sweet person she needs to be. I also would suggest that you take periodic deep breathes throughout the day and get more rest when you can and sit in on your granddaughter's counseling sessions when you can. Grandparenting can be very stressful. I think my kids are afraid to give me grandchildren-they know how kids stress me out. Again take deep breathes and think on good things throughout the day before you stress yourself and the child out. Cheerio!

    Source(s): It won't happen over night but if you change your behavior she will change and see.
  • I am a Grandmother myself 2 boy and girl, she is 6, Your grandaughter is spoiled rotton and is determined that she gets her way. She needs a good spanking and tell her she gets no more money,only gifts and if she doesn't stop this behavior you will also cut those out until she can behave. Stick to your guns grandma, she is seeing how much she can get away with and if you will give her her way, to scare her call the police and ask them to talk with her about throwing the bricks.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tell her that she's 9, she has no business with 10 pounds. Tell her that you don't think you're going to waste your money on a little girl that doesn't appreicate you. The next time she asks for money, tell her, you have 5 pounds that she could of had, but you're going to need to keep it. All the rocks and bricks she threw caused some damage and you're saving to have it repaired. Since she caused that damage, you're going to save HER money to fix it. It's only fair afterall.

  • 1 decade ago

    You being her grandmother shouldn't have to put up with any of her attitude, you had your round of raising you own children why should you be burdoned to raise your grand. sit her down and talk to her, work something out with her. obviously she's money hungry and she'll do anything to be on the same levels as her friends. tell her if she would like more money from you or any body else for that matter then she would have to work and put forth effort to earn that money. let her know that the money you have been dashing out to her is a privalege and if she wants to continue receiving money from grandma then she better starighten up her act. don't be afraid to punish her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My goodness, you're a grandparent. Your grandchild apparently is too familiar with you and takes you for granted. You need to see her less so that it is special when she sees you.

    If she is living with you or something, than she's more like a child of yours than a grandchild. In that case you need to act like a parent, which is unfortunate. One of the joys of being a grandparent is having grandchildren who think you're special, but if you see them every day that won't be the case.

    When you do see them though, you have to then treat them like they're special. I remember we saw "Grandma" twice a year. Special to us was she always had cookies for us when we came. We assumed she always had cookies at home, but more likely, she made her special cookies just before we came. Often they were still warm. She was very special to us also because she paid attention to us and was interested in us. I think sometimes she brought us a little trinket, but never anything over a US quarter dollar. (Things were cheaper in the 50's. Probably equal to 3/4 a British Pound today.)

    If you have to see them only twice a year to be special I'd do it in a heartbeat if I were you. Grandma's have a right to be special to their grandchildren.

  • Rachel
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    1 decade ago

    as the granparent you don't. Give her back to her parents and tell them when they have taught her some manners then bring her back

  • blank
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    1 decade ago

    sounds like you both need to talk to a councellor

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    and her parents are where??? stop giving her money! you're an adult. don't hit her.

  • 1 decade ago

    do any of you people know how to spell and write?

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