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Hiber / Standby has quit working?

Hello I have a question... Sorry if this has been asked in advance im new to all this....

Ok my question is.... This computer had WIN XP..... well I got tired of xp OEM piece of doo doo crashing and me having to constantly format the computer I tried WIN 98 and ME on here.... and 2000 well I used them for a few months last year and ended up putting xp piece of doo doo home edition on here and I noticed that HIBER and STANDBY had quit working..Now when I use it, and I put the computer into one of those modes and I wake it up.... I see the HP INVENT screen then the XP HOME splash screen.... I even turned off the IN AN EVENT OF AN ERROR DONT REBOOT and when I did that you would put the computer to bed and when you woke it up XP WOULD BLUE SCREEN.... LOL..... But, now I am sticking with WIN2K because I have had NO PROBLEMS OUT OF IT.... but when I use those modes in 2000 the computer tower comes back on and the monitor stays blacked out with the orange lite.. So im wondering what happnd?

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    You may need specific drivers for your computer. Check the HP support site for drivers for your specific computer and follow the instructions to install them.

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