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what do you do when a player keeps stalling?

playing in challenging cafe spades table 30 and magnum 5432 keeps stalling and has caused 2 players to leave trying to win this way when losing by score should be way to boot him or ban him from playing

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    Unfortunately, nothing while you are playing.

    If you report abuse it will help. Yahoo bars and terminates after investigation.This is the info you will need. Just make notes and after game report them :

    Abuser's ID:

    Game Name:

    Room Name:

    Who was involved and where?

    What happened

    Click on abuse report underneath the alphabet list. Then scroll down to games and click and then just fill out the form.

    Yahoo! Games wants to provide you with a fun and comfortable environment.

    Hope this helps you


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    Some serious players take time to think about each and every play they make. If it's clear that what you said is correct, then try to get an "official" to set a time limit that is reasonable, not something like 30 seconds, though. Warn him, then kick'im off the table if he doesn't hurry up. At second offense it may be advisable to ban him.

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    That's why you put a 3 minute limit on plays.

    Also, you can open another table on your screen and play both games at once.

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    reduce the graphics of the game.

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