Where is my Yahoo Anti Spy? Not on Tool bar anylonger!?

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    1 decade ago
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    The time limit may be up.

    If you had it and now you don't, the 30 day free trial may have expired. If you never had it, click on the orange colored icon to download it.

    Or it could be disabled in your 'Toolbar Options'.

    Try this:

    >click on pencil icon

    >click 'Toolbar Options'

    >check box '[/]Anti-Spyware'

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  • Sometimes you can have a virus, not sure run Windows defender its a free download Then you can check all progams if the yahool toolbar is not there then it was removed maybe by accident You can get it back by downloading it again . Be sure to check Add Remove Programs so you can reinstall

    Hope this helps ya Ps AVG is also a free scan not as attractive

    as Norton or MacAphee but very good

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