Is macbeth loathsome or heroic or a mixture of the two in the final act of the play?

this is an assignment about "Macbeth" by william shakespeare as a research paper or(term paper). so how can i do it ?????

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    I would say Macbeth is a mixture of the two.

    In the final act of the play, Macbeth is loathsome in these ways.

    1) Scene 5- His wife dies and he makes the comment, "She would have died hereafter." This comment can be interpreted in a couple ways. Macbeth may be saying that she was bound to die someday. He may also be saying, that she picked a really bad day to die. He is too busy preparing for war, and he doesn't have time to mourn her death. Regardless, both are rather harsh ways to view the death of one's wife.

    2) Scene 7- He flies around the castle in a rage, slaughtering those he comes across. He is full of confidence because "none of woman born" can harm him. He kills Young Seward and states, " You were born of woman!" How incredibly cold is that?

    He then turns in a sort of way, heroic at the very end.

    1) Scene 5- When Macbeth is told that it appears the woods are moving towards the castle, he freaks out. Yet, it is slightly heroic, or stupid, of Macbeth to insist that he still has the final prophecy of not being hurt by anyone born of a woman. He states that he will not commit suicide, "play the Roman fool, and fall on my own sword." He will fight until death.

    2) Scene 10- Macbeth and Macduff finally meet. Macbeth says that his hands are too bloody with the death of Macduff's family, and that he would rather not kill Macduff- Macbeth ignorantly believes that he would kill Macduff because no one born of woman can harm him. Macduff states that he was ripped from his mother's womb, thus not making him "born of a woman." Macbeth now loses all hope but he doesnt give up. He decides he would rather die fighting, than to kiss Malcolm's feet as king.

    It's a great play, if you dont understand it I would suggest reading the summaries off of or

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    well.......he was a bit confused; it was his wife who gave him that "powerhungry" feeling......ya, i guess he was loathsome, but could be pitied too..

    for a clearer critical analysis check these sites:

    good luck!

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    It's been a while since I've read it, but I think he's more loathesome. Basically, he was tricked and his kingdom was destroyed. If you haven't read it try

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