What would you do if you lend someone an almost eleven thousand and they don't want pay back.?

She doesn't want to pay just because, I'm too ugly to be with my husband and she want me take the blame for everything, just for little things. What should I do to forget this and to worry about this. It's been almost going to be three they're not talking to my husband and she's balming me for that too.

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    I am sorry, Your question is not clear. It sounds like to me, you leant her a $11,000 and now she doesn't want to repay?...She now is making you out to be the bad guy somehow?...Sounds like a classic tale, She wants to be mad at you for some imaginary reason to excuse herself from having to repay a debt she owes. Well, All I can say is I hope you got this loan on paper with her signature, or it sounds like you can kiss that money good bye. Sorry, but no friend is enough of a friend to not responsibly put things in proper order BEFORE you loan that kind of money. And really really, you really shouldn't loan money to friends, because chances are it will ruin the friendship, and it looks like that is exactly what is happening. Good luck, you are in a difficult situation.

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    Obviously, there is more to this story than we're getting here.

    Eleven thousand dollars is a lot of money, and it is a good idea at this point to consult an attorney to determine what your options are. The primary issue here is going to be the documentation involved. Is there a contract or promissory note of some sort? If there is, you can probably sue for breach of contract and even possibly recoup legal expenses.

    Of course, this is predicated on the notion that they HAVE the resources to repay you. If they are broke, all the judgements in the world won't help you much. Also, you may not recover legal fees for a long period of time, so you have to decide how much more cash you can afford to sink into this mess.

    If this was done more informally, you may have a very hard time doing anything about it.

    You are a very generous friend to loan this amount of money to anyone. In the end this may turn into a very important lesson in the perils of mixing money and friendship.

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    No documentation sounds like the issue (and the fact that your not too bright!!!) All the other stuff is fluff that is mere aggravation.

    Without documentation you can still produce it. Here's what to do. Write her an e-mail discussing the money she owes , and give details of exact amount, and asking for a response. Don't give it away tho. Go back and forth several times until it's clear that she did borrow the money and then consult an attorney. The evidence will be in the e-mails.

    Good luck and stop being stupid!

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    What does your marriage have to do with the $11,000? Tell her you did not pay her $11,000 for her opinion because her opinion is not worth that much. If she does not understand that, then tell her that the money SHE OWES YOU is separate from her opinion of your marriage. She may be right about your marriage, but that does not erase the loan.....

    Ask her to make some type of payment plan or you will file a claim and seek a judgment against her. Once you have that judgment, you can put a lein on any property that she owns (car, home, savings account maybe) and then if she tries to sell it or take money out of it, she will have to pay you first. Most attorneys will give you a 30 minute consultation for free. Do your research first, prepare some questions and then go visit them.

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    I assume it is $11,000.00 you lent to this person. Write her a letter and send it by registered post. This postal service means she has to sign for the letter. In this letter you give her a certain amount of time to pay back and if she has made no attempt to reply to you or repay then you take her to court. Goodness only knows what you mean by saying you are too ugly to be with your husband, forget that just sort out your money problems. Then when you get a decision from the court have nothing more to do with this person except for the debt she owes you.

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    when u lend someone money, it is often hard to get it back, unless u have documentation and a note signed by her. of course she is not talking to u, u want your money and she doesn't want to repay. take her to small claims court, but that really doesn't mean much if they don't want to pay or don't have the money. guess u may be learning a very hard lesson here not to lend large amounts of money to anyone, they are your best buddy when they are getting from u, but when it is time to pay back, it is a different story.

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    Court Baby!

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    Lawsuit!! Small claims court. That's just too much money to let slide.

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    If this happened to me, I don't care if she turned against me, she owes me money and either she pays it back or I sue her.

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    Time to call on guito and start cutting off fingers.

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