How do I disable my companies web blocker?

I work for a company offshore. We get the enternet, but they have a block on certain sites, such as game sites,sex sites,lottery sites, and a few others. Is there a program that can be installed to allow access to these sites or to hide the key words the company has set to reject. Or is there something I can do on my computer to access to these sites. I work offshore so we get enternet through satalite. Please help me to get past these stumbling BLOCKS.

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    I would assume that they are blocked for a reason, and depending on how the company has set it to be blocked would be a start for how to get around it, but of course you'd have to know if they are using proxy settings, firewall settings, or if you are gaining access via a central server/workstation. Ask the IT guy for access.

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    That is why they have the block on. No, you can't.

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