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I am looking for top breeders for English bulldogs in my area?

am looking for top breeders of english bulldogs in my area because I am the owner of a bull dog and have a lot of questions to ask and want to meet other owners. The area is Stockton,Jackson,angles camp arears Like a bulldog club or clubs to join maybe. Can you help if you know of any In California

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    Try - they have club listing and listings of SHOWS which you can attend as a spectator (leave yours at home the first time, most shows dont allow unentered dogs) and make some connections there.

    www.infodog may be even a more valiable source they have a breeder directory and list the ring time of each breed at each show (1 week from show date) so you dont have to show up at 8 when bulldogs show at 3:30.

    ALso try googling bulldog & lists there are usually several email lists of breeders in each breed.....

    PS the official name of the breed really is Bulldog- unadorned

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    have you check with the local Vets in your area about an all breed club. Also check your local paper to see if there are any local breeders in the area. If you live in the southern part of Calif. you have to make sure that the dog does stay out in the heat to long.

    Source(s): I have worked for a Vet that raised bulldogs here in Texas
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    I guess some people just Won`t get it . Let her keep on thinking she has a "english" Bulldog. LMAO in Texas.

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