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I have not gotten my PSAT score this bad?

I took the PSAT in October (I'm a junior) and it's the end of december...and I still haven't gotten a score back. I thought you were supposed to get it back sometime in December? Aren't you? When should I start getting concerned? As this one is the one that decides if I might possibly get the National Merit Scholarship...

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  • Flif
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    1 decade ago
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    The PSAT scores are supposed to be ready in December, but they're only delivered to your school and not to you directly, so you'll probably have to wait until the break is over to get them. Then check with your guidance councelor or the principal's office to remind them in case the scores haven't been delivered yet.

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  • coburn
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    3 years ago

    ok right this is one element never divide an sat score via complete because of the fact it doesnot artwork like that an 1500 is the national everyday. an 1130 is definately very low yet for a freshman that is advantageous. eed to artwork no longer uncomplicated once you're taking the SAT for genuine yet you're able to be advantageous via the time you're a jr/sr there is not any such element as a "failing %" additionally, the PSAT isn't important, till you're somewhat clever, it somewhat is largely a guage of ways are you in terms of sat and tells you what variety of score you will get in case you do no longer learn, via the time you're taking the sat, you will basically get a somewhat larger score, in line with threat 1500 on SAT so learn somewhat no longer uncomplicated, the PSAT did no longer remember yet tthe SAT will definatley remember lots so sstart studing via the summer season after sophmore 12 months

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  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't got mine, either.

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