I need some some proof why people are gay.?

I need some evidence on the subject. What Dr's think. Does anyone have any websites that can show why someone is gay. Is it a choice as people say or is it physicall. Any evidence backing any answers would be greatly appreciated

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    here are several theories as to why a person is gay. The most prominent I have read is a work by Simon Le Vay. He determined - through autopsy - that gay men and straight men have one single difference: the size of their hypothalamus (a gland in the middle of your brain and well known to be the source of sexual stimulation in human beings). With gay men it is small and fluffy were as in straight men, it is solid and large. He repeated this experiment with lesbian and straight women and found the reverse. Straight women had small/fluffy gland were as lesbian has large/denser gland.

    So hypothalamus size wise:

    Gay men = Straight women

    Lesbian women = Straight men

    Following years of studies, he determined that this gland is developed before birth. When he examined pregnant mothers during period of pregnancy he found that this gland gets developed during the 6th month of pregnancy. If the mother body thinks she has a daughter, she would give Oestrogen (female hormone). If she thinks she has male son, she would give Testosterone (male hormone). For some un-explained reason, the mother would give the wrong hormone. Depending on how long this hormone is given, the child may come up as Bisexual, straight acting gay guy, camp gay guy, or in extreme cases transsexual (a person who believes he is in the wrong body!).

    Research into how to determine why this switch happens has been blocked. From one side, the church and religious groups would not accept it (because this would mean centuries of prosecuting gay/lesbians was a crime but more importantly it is a serious shake to their belief). From the other side, gay groups have pressured government and other organisation not to proceed in such research because this would mean there is a way to eliminate gays from existence! Hosptial scans can determine if a mother has son/daugther and a simple blood test can deterimine what hormone the mother is giving. The latest work as done by an Italian scientist two years ago who tried to determine if the mother had a genetic differences that results in this switch and managed to find some correlation in that most mothers with gay/lesbian children had actually gay/lesbian brothers and sisters!

    See it is much more complicated that this but I hope I explained to you in best possible way. And if you are wandering how a bisexual man/woman hypothalamus would look, well it is medium size/denisty, they got mix of hormones and thus they would like both!

    Sigmund Freud through hypnosis determinted that 4% of people are gay, and only 4% are totally straight. The remaining 92% are bisexual but manage to suppress this successfully. This is the science for you. They also proved through several documentries that gay animals exist in most species.

    Source(s): - Simon Le Vay - Sigmud Freud - Gay Animals (Channel 4 UK) - Wild Sex (National Geo)
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    Well I was gonna answer your question, but then I saw the answer you left to someone else's little rant about gay marriage. It made me uncomfortable to share anything with you.

    However, if you are interested in learning more just do a search on the web for info. Y!A is not a place to get answers to questions you can find just by doing an internet search. Make sure you pick websites and articles that are reputable and rely on research to back up their claims.

    In general it is believed that homosexuality is Not a choice. Most researchers who have actually done studies on it have found that homosexuality is pretty much set upon birth. And if you talk to a lot of gay people you will hear stories of how they always knew they were different as a small child because of who they were and were not attracted to.

    I'm glad that you are interested in learning more about this subject. Good luck in your search.

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    The information is that ninety 9.9999999999% of gay human beings say so. basically like ninety 9.999999999999% of right this moment human beings say they knew they have been born right this moment. No there is not any gay gene which has been chanced on. No-one is conscious why some human beings are born gay. No-one is conscious why somebody is born of tuneless mothers and dads and has suitable pitch, why somebody is born dyslexic with 2 mothers and dads who are not. Sexuality isn't some thing you ask for information of. If gay human beings say they have been born gay they could be attentive to and there is not greater effective variety of information than this. i'm beneficial you're able to sense somewhat offended whilst you're heterosexual and somebody desperate they did no longer have faith you have been of course yet had desperate to be and have been surely gay. you be attentive to what your sexuality is and no person else does. 'approximately who say that "being gay =/= gay gene".. if this is appropriate, then all of us could be gays.' How do you artwork that out? there is not any gene for being right this moment the two and we at the instant are not very properly this moment, now are we?

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    If you look at so-called evidence, be sure to look at the motivations behind those findings. I can tell you now. Pro-gay people will say it's genetic. Anti-gay people will say it's a choice. As far as I know there is no conclusive proof, and even if there was people wouldn't accept it.

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    Hello, I am mother to a 22 year old gay son and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that he did not choose to be gay. Some of the people who have responded are not being fair to you because really unless you have somebody in your life whom is gay, you just don't really know. Thank you for asking this question. To me it shows that you are willing to open your mind to information that could be helpful in learning to understand. Here is a really good article that goes over quite a bit of the research that has been done on homosexuality:


    Also all major medical, psychiatric, psychological, and pediatric organizations have made statements that being gay is a normal variant of human sexuality:


    You might also want to look at variances of sexuality in the animal kingdom:


    Please check out my own families story here:


    I hope this helps!

  • Here are some websites showing that being gay is a biological factor:

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    An Unusual Love Story - Penguins accept same-sex commitments.


    They're in love. They're gay. They're penguins... And they're not alone.


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    Honestly, I really have to ask, why it matters. Why does it matter, why does it have to be one way or another? Why can't people just accept that we are and we're not hurting anyone? Choice or not it's just a small part of who we are, it's not the be-all and end-all of anyone's existence. So why does anyone care?


    If your religion doesn't approve, so be it, but do US a huge favor and keep it to yourself.

    If you personally don't like it for one reason or another, fine, but please keep it to yourself.

    If it's not affecting you, hurting you, having any impact on your life whatsoever...leave us who are, alone.

    Look, there's no solid genetic evidence that being right or left handed is actually a geneitic trait, it's only ever been assumed. So, why can't people accept that those of us who are gay don't choose it ? It chooses us.

    Think about it.

    Why would anyone actually choose to be hated, discriminated against, have lies told about them, stalked, targeted, beaten even MURDERED for something that is only a small part of their lives?

    No, it's the thinking that has to be changed. The rhetoric that needs to stop. The lies and misunderstandings that need to be corrected.

    We're human beings, plane and simple.

    We bleed, we feel, we have genuine emotions and feelings for those we love and those who love us. Our lives are NOT only about sex, we actually have long-lasting and committed relationships based on LOVE, just like everyone else.

    We have families, we have people who love us and whom we love. We live our everyday lives pretty much like everyone else. We go to work, we pay our taxes, we have friends, family, co-workers, we have homes and the desire to have the same right to our dignity as everyone else.

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    Why does it matter?

    I'm gay and so is between 7-50% of society. Why would anyone care how we became gay.

    Who even says we all became gay in the same way?

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    Gay people are attention seekers.Ever notice how fat people say that they are fat because of some genetic problem?the fact is they are fat because they eat too much,well gay people also say that being gay is genetics so if it is genetics then ask them to explain bisexual genetics.You can't have it both ways.Being homosexual is a choice just like being bisexual is a choice.People are born male or female as such the genetic makeup is XX or XY there is no other being born black is not a choice but being homosexual is.

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    Here's my best offer for an answer. Cause I have sex with women and men do nothing for me.

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