What kind of Holiday is that?

Merrrrrry Christmas Folks, Something has been really bothering me alot, about the Word happy holiday instead of Merry christmas. Christmas has been exisiting for thousand years back, why all of a sudden they are trying to cancel the word Merry Christmas? Who cares if they don't believe in Jesus christ, they have festivities they Celebrate which take them days to finish Celebrating

Something that is so Amazing to me is that the Muslim and the Arab i work with say to me Merrrrry Christmas , How sweet is that?

Every Living Creature by God on this Earth has what they Believe in, even you don't believe in Jesus Christ this is how i feel, at this modern day then what else?

Every where Around the world Folks said to one another Merry Christmas not happy holiday.

when it time for Thanks Giving holiday, they said happy thanks Giving, when it Memorial holiday they said happy Memorial ,Martin luther king day, columbus day, labor day , Veterian day, 4th of July Independent.Id-Ul-Zuha*

10 Al- Hijira( Muslim Newyear)





Ramadan 1st

Ramzan Id



When this Festival came up they said the name of that particular festival by saying happy Ramadam, happy Independent,Happy Hanukkah

Why is it time for Merry Christmas they are now forcing people to said happy holiday are they Trying to cancel the word Merry Christmas? that word Merry Christmas is So Rich.

Their is Liberty In this country and everyone has his/her right to Celebrate whatever he/she believes, and to force others to express a greeting as Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas which is centuries old around the world to me is another invasion on our human rights.


New York

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  • Kipper
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    1 decade ago
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    Holiday actually is Holyday..."they" are wishing you a Happy Holy Day!!!! most of "them" don't know they are, but the joke is on "them". so Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holy Day.

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  • jackie
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    1 decade ago

    I think we make too much of the whole thing. When I worked in a department store over the holidays, I use to say have a nice holiday, because I never knew what religion they were. If the store is decorated and playing Christmas songs, I think that should be enough. If the don't decorate for Christmas, why do Christmas shopping there?

    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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  • Gem
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    1 decade ago

    If I know the background and religion of the person I am speaking to I will use the appropriate greeting...ie Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka

    If it is unknown, I use Happy Holidays.

    My use of Happy Holidays in no way diminishes Christmas. It is all encompassing to include not just December 25, but from Thanksgiving, Hannuka, Ramadan, Kwanza & the New Year.

    So, I hope you and your family have Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate.

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  • 1 decade ago

    THEY should be arrested. The things THEY do are disgusting, trying to ruin Christmas like that. Wait until I get my hands on THEM, whoever THEY are.

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