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I am telling my future in-laws tomorrow that im pregnant, His mother is very christian and is going to flip, however the rest of the family should be happy. My question is the way im announcing it. i have christmas cards that have a small wrapped picture of the ultrasound in it, im sure they think its going to be gift cards, and instead....surprise!! grandbaby!!! do you think its too harsh or do you think they will be happy...with the exception of his mother.

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    I think it's a really nice idea. It will take them a second to figure out what it is, then they should be really pleased. Although bear in mind that not all the cards are going to be opened at exactly the same time, so the first person will blurt it out.

    If you really think the mother in law is going to flip, why not take her aside first and tell her. Then let the others get the nice surprise.

  • 3 years ago

    An e mail sounds nice, particularly in case you're no longer likely close with any of them. Why subject some poem or ecard? being pregnant isn't too extensive of a deal, and the main you will get in return is "Congratulations" and/or "while's the toddler bathe?". no could bend over backwards to deliver something mind-blowing and puzzling just to announce your being pregnant. Plus e mail is a lot greater no longer expensive than sending out assertion enjoying cards/letters for the duration of the mail.

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    Is this your future mother in laws house you are going to ? If it is out of respect I would wait a little while. If she is going to flip it might ruin the holiday for her.

    Your idea is very cute tho.

    If this is someone elses house or your own that they are coming to then by all means tell every one you want.

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    i think that a good idea i love it... i wasnt married with my first eather and i was 19 years old my mom wasnt to happy but she come around. ween see sees over comes the fact she well be feeled with joy that she going to be a grandma ,and not the fact that your not married . yeh she may fall off the deep end for a lil bit but after i think everything well be fine. maybe ask her if she like to come to same appoments with you here the heart beat and stuff. well good luck and congrads on the lil one.

    Source(s): been there but my mom not to in to the church thing but she was pissed that i was so young and pregnant. i took about a month for her to talk to me again. but after that she come around and started buying a hole lot of stuff for the my lil girl. best wishs mommy of one and on one the way !
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    1 decade ago

    how "future" are those in-laws? that's a bit "in your face", but whatever works for you. just be prepared for an unhappy grandma. you might want to get her a gift card, too!

  • 1 decade ago

    that is a really lovely idea, awww. i think even his mother may be happy. what a christmas pressie hey! congrats and merry christmas xxx

  • Why wouldn't she be happy about it? I would think they would be happy. Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    good idea dude! go on..............................and on

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