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aamir925 asked in PetsBirds · 1 decade ago

Cockatiel babies!?

I have four baby cockatiels. The oldest one is 6 days old, the second and the third one is about 5 days old and the last one is about 3 days old. The chicks are doing fine and they are being fed by their parents. But, the babies yellow feathers are not fluffy. Instead, they are kind of rough and kind of stuck to the chick. I have been giving them cooked rice. Do you know why their "suppose to-be" fluffy feather not so fluffy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Aamir, they are only a few days old give them time, the chicks sound like they are doing well and they sound like they're healthy, the downys will fluff up in time mate

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they'll be all beak and butt for a while - first feathers are rolled up - look like little toothpicks - will "fluff" up to some degree but they won't look like baby eagles lol. longer flight feathers on wings and tail feathers will come out next. look like straws until they "unroll". make sure mom is getting plenty of greens (spinach/green peppers/apple) and offer her half a boiled egg in the shell too if she will eat it. congrats...!

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