I just want to know what to do erase all the history of websites that I visited?

please help I dont want the owner of this computer to know that I visited all this website

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    1 decade ago
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    Click on tools at top of page ,on drop down click internet options..here delete cookies,temp files and,clear history..Then go to system tools ,run your disk cleanup program.

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    1 decade ago

    Go to Tools and click internet options and delete ....Merry Christmas!

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    1 decade ago

    To delete them individually, you can hover your pointer over them to highlight them, then hit the 'delete' key on your keyboard.

    This works on address bar drop downs and 'History' drop downs.

    The options I've listed here will help you delete your search history and/or disable those features in most of the popular browsers and toolbars.


    To Clear Search History, Cookies, and Temporary Files:

    If you have Windows IE6 browser:

    At the top of your browser>

    >click 'Tools'

    >click 'Internet Options'

    At the 'General' tab, in the 'Temporary Internet files' section>

    >click Delete Cookies'

    >click 'OK'

    >click 'Delete Files'

    >check box '[/]Delete all offline content'

    >click 'OK'

    At the 'History' section>

    >click 'Clear History'

    >click 'Yes'

    IE7 browser:

    >click 'Tools'

    >click 'Delete Browsing History'

    >click 'Delete Cookies'

    >click 'OK'

    Mozilla Firefox browser:

    >click 'Tools'

    >click 'Clear Private Data'

    >click 'Delete Cookies'



    >click 'Tools'

    >click 'Options'

    >click the 'Privacy' tab.

    >click the 'Clear' button (in the 'Saved Form Information' section)

    If you don't want Firefox to save this data in the future, uncheck the box '[_]Save information I enter in web page forms and the Search Bar'



    Yahoo! Toolbar:

    >click on pencil icon (right of big red 'Y!')

    >click 'Clear Recent Searches'

    If you want to save your recent searches while you're searching on the Web, but automatically clear the saved searches when you close your browser window, do the following:

    >click the pencil icon

    <click 'Toolbar Options'

    >check 'Auto-clear recent searches when exiting IE'

    >click 'OK'

    If you want to disable the feature entirely so none of your searches are saved, do the following:

    >click the pencil icon

    >click 'Toolbar Options'

    >uncheck 'Remember Recent Searches'

    >click 'OK'

    Yahoo! Toolbar Help



    Google toolbar:

    >click 'Google' (multi colored letters) or 'Settings', or chevron ('>>')

    >click 'Clear Search History'


    More information on clearing search history:




    Google Answers- Clear Search Engine History



    To Disable AutoComplete in Windows IE6 browser:


    >'Internet Options'

    >'Content' tab

    >in 'Personal information' section >

    >click 'Personal information'

    >in 'Use AutoComplete for' section >

    >uncheck all boxes

    >click the 'Clear Forms' button.

    >click the 'Clear Passwords' button.

    >press 'OK' to close.


    To disable Auto-complete in Yahoo! Toolbar:

    >click on the pencil icon

    >click 'Toolbar Options

    >in the 'Search Box' section>

    >uncheck box '[_]Enable Auto-complete'

    >unckeck box '[_]Enable recent searches'

    >click 'OK'

    If you are still having problems with autofill in toolbar, disable your browser autocomplete function.


    To disable Google Toolbar 'AutoFill': (Versions 3.0/4.0)

    >click 'Google' (multi colored), or 'Settings', or chevron ('>>') and/or>

    >click 'Options'

    >uncheck box '[_]AutoFill'

    >click 'OK'

    Edit and use Google AutoFill



    Mozilla Firefox browser:

    >open the Firefox browser.

    >from the Firefox menu, select 'Tools'

    >select 'Options'

    >click 'Privacy'

    >click 'Saved Forms'

    >click 'Settings'

    >select all options in the 'Clear Private Data' window

    >click 'OK'

    >click 'Clear Saved Form Data Now'

    >uncheck '[_]Save information I enter in forms and the Search Bar'

    >click 'OK'

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