The Pentigram?

Ok, I know the circle symbolizes eternity, and then some of the points are fire,water,earth,air. What's the last one? I'm researching it so anything else is cool too.

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    First of all, I'd like to clarify:

    A pentagram is a five-pointed star with an inverted pentagon in the center (the ones you learn how to draw as a kid in school).

    A pentacle is a pentagram within a circle, with all five points touching the circle.

    A pentacost is an inverted pentacle.

    Both the pentagram and the pentacle are Pagan symbols. The pentacost is Satanic.

    The five points of the pentacle represent the five elements. In clockwise order (starting with the rightmost point) they are: air, fire, earth, water, and spirit at the top.

    Spirit is the fifth element, but it encompasses the other four as well.

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    There are only the four 'elements' you list, traditionally. The "Fifth Element" (thank you, Hollywood) is a v recent addition. The Pentagram is not a symbol of the elements, but of the human body.

    As such, it is/was a Wiccan/Witchcraft symbol.

    Inverting it - along the lines of St Peter being crucified upside down - became a Satanic symbol, for the same reason as an inverted Cross did.

    You reversed "The Cross".

    Otherwise, it is a fairly innocent symbol of non-Christian beliefs.

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    I always called it Spirit, myself. But that's what makes sense to me. It can also stand for the five physical senses, the five points of the human body (hands, feet, head), and is also found in the Key of Solomon. Additionally, Sir Gawain (of Arthurian mythology) had a pentagram on his shield--and, BTW, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight has a lot of excellent pagan symbolism wrappe dup in it.

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    The Pentagram is just another drawing of angles and circles and has no special meaning other than being an interesting little design. No big deal. Some have tried to make it into something it isn't. Nothing done by man has any underlying meaning of great spiritual significance.

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    Earth Air Fire Water and Self

    Self can mean heart, spirit, mind, body, or anything else pertaining to one's person - any of these can be used interchangably and still be correct

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    The points represent Earth, Air. fire, water, and the point that points up represents spirit.

    the points represents the firve element that makes life possible.

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    The Greek fifth element is metal.

    The pentagram is not an evil symbol; it is supposed to be used for protection. That's why it's used in 'evil' ceremonies, so the summoner has somewhere to be protected in, usually a big pentagram at their feet.

    The inverted pentagram is the pentacle. THAT'S evil! If you're researching it, wiki it

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    It symbolizes evil. I hope with all your reasearch you will also learn that it is the mark of the beast turned upside down.

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    The pentagram is a symbol of freedom.

    It is seen as a symbol of evil by the christian society.

    I hope this helps you to understand that Christians think freedom is evil.



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    Source(s): Former Wiccan~
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