I have 2- not one- but 2 bumbs in my hotel, how should I kick them out?

I work at a hotel as night auditor. I'm starting to hate this small town with all these vagobonds- it's too easy to get a job- we should just reserve an island for all of them, they just like to live the easy life of doing nothing, at least they would have to fish and hunt in an Island and built their own hutts-- anyhow. How should I kick them out? A. Call the police. B. Ask them politely to go out in the cold. C. Aggresively yell at them to leave my hotel. D. All of the above. Or come up with your own fun ways--- be creative ;)


I saw them in the camera--- but actually, I don't know where they hiding... we have a bathroom in the first floor, i think they're in there--- gives me the creeps to even go there. Yikes... I wish I could just call an exterminator :)~

Update 2:

we have a saying in spanish--- ayudate, que Dios te ayudara--- means, help yourself and God will help you. I think it comes from the Bible... that sacred book, anyhow, I hope you people get my point--- I'm don't hate bums, I just don't like them disrupting my peace. If you live a life focused on excelling then you can succeed in anything--- but some people, some, just live the oppisite way, in where they dug a hole for themselfs to live life miserably.

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    you should have some rules at the hotel and the manager should have gone over this with you.

    you do have to ask them to leave; and then call the police if they refuse.

    if they have been there without payment; you could let your manager take care of it in the morning.

    I didn't have a problem kicking people out. the hotel that I worked in was in a small town and I had the police stopping in to check on me at night.

    It was the most interesting job that I had. Between underage parties; drugs; loud guests; bad employees; trying to pass stolen checks; sport teams and drunken coaches; etc. It was fun throwing stupid people out, especially when people were arrested and had outstanding warrants.

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    Well since you say jobs are SOO easy to get, how about offering these bums a job? So times people need a push in the right direction, so give them a kick in the *** and say something like "the hotel could use a janitor, here's an application, you should fill it out."

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    Are these guests in the hotel or someone that is loitering ?

    If they are just loitering and you do not want them there for what ever reason then you can call the cops and they do not even have to know you called them.

    If it is cold out side and they just came in to get warm and are not bothering any one let them be untill the morning.

    Like you said, it is cold outside.

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    Call the police or even better make them earn their keep. Give them chores to do to pay for their stay. Usually most bums are lazy azzes looking for a handout so this will send them packing in short order. Funny how they complain about their lot in life but don't want to put in any effort to improve it. To hell with them. Nobody should have sympathy for their slothful kind.

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    ask them to leave politely, or inform them that you will call the police. that, or throw a bottle of whiskey outside...

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    If you havent seen the film "hostel" then get it out ...that will solve your issues.

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    Run in their rooms and scream "Fire, Fire, get out immediately. Hurry before the whole roof caves in.

  • booge
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    did you mean a bum or a bomb if they are bombs detonate them

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