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If one person didn't had premarital sex or relations ...?

If one person didn't had premarital sex or relations ...then do you think he didn't enjoy his life to full extent ?

This may sound bit phylosophical , some culture are open to sex before marriage and some are not. What difference it makes ?

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    you make it sound as if SEX is everything.

    sex is after all, still fornication- the only withstanding difference between one sex and another is the presence of love & passion. so does it mean losing it before you are married will give you some passport to enjoying a full blown life? i dont think so.

    imagine this. girl A - she does volunteer work, does extreme sports, love to travel and cooks for her family. and she has the endearing love of an adoring boy.

    and girl B. fails all her subjects, hangs out at the mall with friends, loses her temper when she cant get the guy of the moment, indulges in premarital sex.

    i dont see the crisis here except that girl B had premarital relations and is still a loser largely.

    are you that accomplished yourself?

    you can just never question culture. understand them. cultures make our Life colorful and interesting. if everyone around the globe were to live the same kind of life with no culture, that would be so boring! what can we learn from one another?

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    Marriage is overrated. People shouldn't need some special ritual to be certified to stay true to each other. When it all comes down to it, it's about a word a bond.

    Not rings and materialism people are not possessions and you can't collar them or ring them to expect them to do what is right they have to believe it. Marriage is for the insecure and one's who like to be looked at by stereotypical society as fidelity. Not to mention half of marriages end in divorce. If you don't like sex just live a life of celibacy.

    So to answer your philosophical question it is fine to have sex with someone you intend to be with without marriage. It really depends on the individual how they live their life to the full extent or are truthful without exploitation of human ethics.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some cultures believe in marriage more than others do thats the difference. i dont plan on getting married so yes i think i would enjoy my life less if i never had sex.

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    I believe in premarital sex....its important to know if you are sexually compatible and want the same thing in bed....may sound a little strange to some, but I wouldn't want to spend the next 50 yrs staring at the ceiling...

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    no difference, actually. just a matter of personal choice.

    i would, however, make one point here.

    if person A has pre-marital sex with B but marries C, A should make C aware of that, otherwise it amounts to cheating.

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    not much if you don't have sex before marriage you lose what 5 or ten years of sex . big deal you Have the next seventy five years to have it,

  • Anonymous
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    It makes a difference to the person who makes a choice whether to or not. We all have different belief systems and tend to want to be with those who share similar beliefs.

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    inshahallah sure, in case you're somewhat ashamed of your act and do tobah (ask forgiveness from Allah) and promise and attempt to no longer do such undesirable act lower back , and in case you could compensate the different person you may compensate him too.

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