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why my internet is slow?

okay, there are two users of my laptop.

i am the administrator of it. my sis uses other account.

i have noticed that her internet speed is faster and when she uses internet is flowing good.

but when i use in my account, i encounter lots of delay. i am frustrated. now i wait for nearly one and half min to excess that particular website.

i have both firefox and the new iinternet versioon 7. in both i encountered.

why is this happenning??

pls help me...what should i do??

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    You may have more processes and applications loaded on your acct since its an admin acct. You may want to go to start -> run and type in msconfig and then go to the start up tab and see if you have unnecessary items loading up. That could possibly help.

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    It is just plain logic, but how could that be? I mean, your sister's account can surf the internet faster than your account. Both of your accounts rely on the same hard drive, although separated by memory. So I'd think that it is not your account you should be worrying about, it is the entire hard drive. Try deleting some unwanted programs and Temporary Internets. Oh, the Temporary Internet Files eat up a lot of memory so delete everything.

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    There can be some processes accessing the Internet like wault.exe ,try to remove these processes ..if both users are logged that is if the other user account is not logging out both the user processes will run

  • Hy i am having a simmilar type of problem, when i use my account (administrator) the internet runs soooooooo slow, but when my brother or sis use there account (limited) it runs smoothly. so i tried making a new account what was limited and it ran smoothly, just administrator accounts take the p***. (and limited accounts cant downlaod and install applications :(. ) I have tried msconfig etc, and no luck, i am really stuck, need help please.

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    instead of setting up accounts and using administrator why not just use 1 account? It will use less space, and eliminates a lot of hassles with sharing files, or programs that won't run correctly

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    Well, maybe your jealous for some reason, or your sister is connected to a different router.

    Source(s): Seen it before, yeah, the jealousy thing.
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    Try reformating.....if not use your sis,Merry Christmas!

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    it may depend on your processes and boot programs.

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    maybe ur system is affected with spyware

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    check for spyware

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