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What is Macintosh Finder?

Where can I find it? All I want to do is put notes to my ipod.!!Is that so hard?!

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    1 decade ago
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    The Finder. (If running Mac OS: X or higher) is the smiley face-looking thing on the dock (the thing that moves when your mouse gets closer to it.) If you have Mac OS 9, click on the upper righthand corner of the screen, the pull down menu and click Finder. If you want to know an easier way...

    Open the file you want to save, with your iPod plugged in. click File, Save as. Save it to your iPod.

    The Finder is similar to the Windows Start menu. It contains all files in the compuer, although traveling through subfolders may have to be done. If you need more help with the Finder or the Mac OS, just email me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    uh, finder is the file browsing capability in the mac operating system.kinda like windows explorer. you have to have a mac to have it. if you want to put notes on the ipod, you should look into enabling it as a hard drive, etc,

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