plzz help me sooooon..........?

one day i asked to my friend what was her thinking about my bf. She told me that he was nt a gud guy leave him. I wanted to know about him & wanted to prove my friend was wrong thats why i just done a friendship with his batch made but i did not told him about our friendship , but in a few days his friend told me leave him & accept me i m perfect 4 u i love u . From then i did nt communicate with my bf's friend.

now my bf is telling i m bad, i have broken his trust & now he will never accept me again, plzz suggest me soon i dont wanna loose him i love him plz show me a right way.....

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  • JAD
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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry. I don't understand your question...

  • 1 decade ago

    explain him about your love.Friendship cant over so easy ,but can if you have broken his trust.HE will understand you if he is a good friend.Just do as you think is right and good.

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