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what should i get for my boyfriend for xmass??

we are a couple and this is our 1st xmas together and i want it to be something for both of us.... we are boyfriendz since 4 moths now...

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    what is special to you?

    How about a revistit to your first date or something you both like.

    Chrismas or not 4 months is till early in a relationship so don t go overboard , keep it simple ans basic , but with a special touch.

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    If you're living together.. a nice red teddy is nice ;-)

    - Wide screen TV

    - DVD player

    - Matching sleep wear. You get the top he gets the bottoms.

    - A wine glass set with your names engraved on the glasses

    - Movies you both like

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    I hate unoriginal gifts, so i would like to help you, but i need more information. how old are you and him? Are you intimate? and since you said you are boyfriendz... is it safe to assume you are homosexual?

    you add more details, i'll edit this answer to better suit you.

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    really what do you think he wants??

    Duh, mad sex!! it's the best prezzie ever, and hey, it doesn't cost anything.

    Don't forget the beer either.

    I guess it's the thought that counts.

    I hope you both have a good day!!

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