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What is ur spiritual 'treasure'?


It's almoust Christmas and it seems that it is a time when we realise what is truly important.What is ur precious memory ,ur'treasure'?There is a tme when we come to realise that if u are not happy spiritually,u'll never be whole.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!

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    My greatest treasure is unconditional love, the more i give it away the more love i have. Merry christmas. From Love, With Love, To Love. whistle britches

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    I have wonderful sense of appreciating beauty.

    It is very difficult for me to get bored because I always find something beautiful everymoment . I am very easily get fascinated even with small things.Sometimes I think I am too sensitive.

    So it is like a knife. i must be cautious , my sensitiveness can hurt me.

    But anyway I can say it is my spiritual treasure.

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    my spiritual treasure is the fact that i am able to grow as a person, and the fact that i don't give in to temptations and i am able to hold onto my integrity and be myself...

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