what are the in-built functions (like "strcpy") of the header file "graphics.h" in C++? and how do i use them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    they are not in graphics.h

    But yes, there are a lot of functions avaialable....for instance strcpy() copies one string to another....u can see the syntax on any good book/ e-book on net.....

    or if u r using any tool to develop then in the help section, on TurboC window, just type strcpy and press F1, u ll get the syntax and usage....

  • 1 decade ago

    Ya sorry to say U, U hav been mis guided by some one, strcpy() is a function which comes under string.h header file....

    U can find the built in functions by pressing F1 key in keyboard, that will lead to see the built in functions...

    and U can also get through many books., I suggest u to look in websites..

    It will contain lot and lot of functions...

    Some of the links are..

    1. http:\\www.scripts20.com/script/336/14058/Beginning_Visual_C_60.html

    2. http:\\www.getfreesofts.com/script/265/17738/Beginning_Visual_C_60.html

    Mery christmas

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