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Are there any mothers who could not breast feed because it was too painful?

Every mother has some discomfort, but was the pain so unbearable you had to bottle feed your baby?

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    If you're experiencing pain during breastfeeding, it could be due to improper latch or an infection in one or both breasts. You need to see your doctor to rule out any infection, and see a La Leche League leader or lactation consultant to determine if your latch is incorrect. If you want to breastfeed, these steps can help you get healthy, long-term breastfeeding established. Good luck!

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    My first baby was a breeze! No pain, no discomforts whatsoever! I nursed him for three months. I would have loved to do it longer, but he got a head cold and couldn't breath and eat at the same time, so I gave him a bottle. He was hooked and wouldn't take the breast afterwards. My second was quite a bit more taxing. It was tough for us. He had a tiny mouth and it was a real pain to get him to latch on properly. However, at about 3 weeks old, he developed thrush. Because he was nursing, I got it too, around my nipples. It hurt so bad that I HAD to put him on a bottle by 6 weeks. I tried to pump, until we were both better, but that hurt too. My nipples cracked and bled and it was very painful! With the third and fourth, twins, I was determined to breastfeed. I'd never been able to do it as long as I would have liked. Alas, when they were 8 days old the hospital got their PKU results and I was ordered to stop immediately. My twins have a rare genetic "disorder" called Duarte's Galatosemia. They're now 18 months old, and allowed to eat dairy, but until they were a year old it was soy only for them. Until they were old enough to go through a milk challenge.

    If you're in too much pain to nurse, I say stop. I'm a strong believer in breastfeeding. I think it's a wonderful thing to experiance. I think too many women dismiss it too quickly. But you gave it a shot, that's all anyone can ask of you. If you're not willing to throw in the towel just yet, contact your local hospital. Most of them employ a lactation consultant, and will be able to help you out.

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    This is very common. More so if you had something for pain

    ( epidural ) The pain will go away in time. Try to stick with it. At least for the first 4 days that is when the breast milk is full of stuff to help the babies immune system. After feeding try a cold cloth. And ware a VERY GOOD BRA.

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    It can be pretty painful at times, especially in the first few weeks as you adjust, but just keep on with it, because the benefits for both mother and baby far outweigh any discomfort (or even pain) you may have to deal with temporarily.

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    My wife had that for the first month. Bleeding nipples the lot. Of course, that made the baby hungry, so he wanted feeding more, and it became a vicious circle.

    She went to a bottle for a week to let things settle down, then went back to mixed feeding. Worked like a dream.

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    they say that pain means baby isnt latching on to the breast properly, i was in agony with my 1st baby so had to give up i couldnt do it no matter how much i tried.

    2nd baby i expressed for a while but became too much work

    3rd baby was straight on the bottle

    the way i see it is as long as baby is feeding, wether it be off breast or bottle, it doesnt matter as long as baby gets fed

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    Yes, I couldn't breast feed because of the pain, but it was due to the fact that I wasn't producing enough milk for my baby.

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    It was kinda painful, I breastfeed my daughter for about 7 weeks, but I stopped because I felt like I was feeding her all the time. I was tired. I wish I would have stuck with it linger or at least pumped, because the health benefits are amazing.

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    yes!! I cried everytime I did it. I even cried in the hospital, my one side was horrible so i favored the other. I had to use on of those nipple guards and it still hurt. It was bleeding and cracked and so after two weeks of trying i gave up and went to the bottle.

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    yes my mom was like that its because you don't have enough milk in your breast and that can be very bad for the baby because he isn't eating enough!

    you should go to a doctor and let him check the situation.

    when my mom found out the doctor told her to guve the baby baby formula

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