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How do you make your marriage life more intresting?

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    when i get married.. my husband will be entertained big time... whips, handcuffs, whipped cream, sexy lace thongs and g strings, hot positions, you name it....... im doing it. because one thing i truly believe in is.... what you wont do, there is always someone out there willing to do.

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    My husband and I adore each other, and we have a ball being married! Here's how we do it:

    We are careful to host at least one family crisis per quarter. We prefer the sort where someone leaves someone, and winds up in our guest bedroom.

    We travel several times a year, and the inconvenience in the airports makes us glad to be shouldering through it together.

    At least once a year, we make sure to have some major home renovation. This year, we did a new roof and new w/w carpet. Such nightmares make us feel as if it's us against the world, which is a snuggly feeling.

    But, nothing makes life more interesting for us than doing the quarterly paperwork. What a blast! We take the whole family (adults only!) down to the accountant's, and one of us drops by Chik-Fil-A or a sub shop and everyone eats fast food while we sign papers.

    All these activities really do happen, and we really DO have fun doing them; it's all in the attitude!

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    BOTH OF YOU have to be open to make married life more interesting. If only one person is interested, it won't work and will lead to a lot of frustration on the part of the other party involved. But I would suggest role playing. Use your imagination. Get wild with it. Have FUN with it. One night when he comes home from work, be in the kitchen cooking dinner wearing nothing but an apron. If that doesn't make things a interesting, I don't know what will.

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    Reading through the answers by others to you, I saw the main focus is on the sex life. To be sure, this is a very important component of marriage. But truthfully, very truthfully, whips, chains, and all gadgets aside, you will tire of even the best steak if you eat it every day. Meaning, that after many years you will not feel like you did when you were first married. This is when most couples begin to fall apart. Seeking that butterflies in the stomach feeling of first love. They'll trade in what they have for that feeling. Don't do it. Like the poet said, "grow old with me, the best is yet to come." Your relationship in marriage is always like a rose petal, very fragile. Treat it as such, over the years continually nurture your relationship by always being respectfully and considerate of the other partner. Marriage is not 50/50, but rather 80/20, 40/60, etc. at different times by each of you. I really like what one answerer said about how it was her and her husband, together, against the problems of the world. What a beautiful way to look at your relationship. My advise to you as couples is to make your home a sanctuary for each of you: somewhere clean and tidy, with good food (prepared by either or both of you), but most of all a place where you are a accepted with unconditional love EVEN when you fail BIG TIME. Travel together, plan date nights, help others together, surprise each other continually with small gifts of special things each likes. This doesn't have to be expensive things: My husband always brings home the most beautiful pomegrante for me when they come into season because he knows I love that fruit. It's all in the details. Read and TRY to practice 1 Cor 13 in the Bible. IT aways amazes me about what the Bible says about LOVE in this beautiful chapter. Small things do matter. Oh, by the way my husband and I have been married for 33 years.

    And we are still going strong. Best of everything to you!

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    marriage can become a redundant thing so you need to keep adventure in your life.

    With your "significant other"; go on a date at least once a month; write little notes; meet secretly at a hotel; go dancing; try new things together; such as; ballroom dancing, art museum; musical plays; take a walk around the neighborhood; light candles safely in the bedroom; massage with oils; foot massages; etc, etc.

    have a great time

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    "To love is a decision, not an immediate action."

    You must decide to love your partner every day.

    Don't be boring.

    Never stop your education.

    Read every day.

    Find some common interests.

    If all else fails, making up is more fun than anything else.

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    Try new things together, surprise each other at work and go out to lunch. We've only been together 2 years so it's still pretty interesting without working too hard ;-)

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    We try to keep things interesting by never settling into a routine. We still go out on dates and buy things to spice up our sex life. Marriage should be fun...because when it becomes boring, you'll find that you've turned into parents! lol!

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    Make sure to take one night a week for date night. Even after careers, kids, and other stresses of life, don't ever forget the man you fell in love with, and dont let him forget you either. In life we are all too lucky if we find the one we want to spend forever with, so don't waste it.

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    My parents are divorced now but throughout their marriage I saw two major flaws: one; they did not have recreational and alone time and, two; their sex life was mediocre. Spice up things by planning things out together. Couples crave doing things together and are most successful at doing so by planning things out. Don't ever let your sex life turn mediocre or let it die. Worst mistake ever. Try out new things both in bed and out of it.

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