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Anonymous asked in PetsOther - Pets · 1 decade ago

Does the same animal have different types of fur feathers and if so why?

:)) plzzzzz can u answer it


sorry there is a mistake i made in the question - its fur or feathers

im askin mainly about the fur cuz i dont hav enough info on that. and dudes im just in middle school.

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    Hi could depending on the species. Cats for instance all have the same body type and similar size, however if you notice they all have different lengths, colourations and textures with their coat. Cats all from the same litter may all look different from one another is another good example. Some kittens will be short haired and others medium or long hair. Within the litter they may be black kittens, orange/white tabby striped, all white, etc. This generally applies across to most domesticated species and some exotic species as well.

    Source(s): Animal Trainer to domestics and exotics Studied Animal Sciences briefly
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    animals either have fur, or feathers. Not usually both. Animals with fur can have different types of fur. Some don't have any at all, and others just patches of it. Part of it depends on the genetics of the animal. Some hairless breeds of dogs do have all their hair as puppies.

    Part of the answer depends on the geographical location of the animals. They may need something different than their neighbouring country. for feathers, yes, there are different kinds. Blood feathers, flight feathers, down ...

    They serve different purposes for the bird. Some protect from water and cold, others help it to fly (if you cut them they can't fly)and others can cause them to bleed to death if broken or cut.

    You may obtain more answers from a course of study in Biology. Hope to see you in the Lab!


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    look at dogs, some have short hair others longer triple layerbleed furlike hair The arctic bred dogs/wolves have thicker fur which deflects water/ice and keeps warmth close tot he dermis. even nonetheless the Australian Dingo has shorter much less dense hair to enable warmth loss to the ambience assisted via the tongue out panting!!

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    Yes. Specialists can determine the species of a cat for example based on a hair strand. The hair is based on genetics.

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    pease dont think im trying to be a wise *** but i would like to suggest you read your biology book im quite sure someone can answer this , but are you going to learn anything by letting someone else answer it for you

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