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Can you suggest a good home based business? Is a dog walker a good home based business? Maybe pet sitting?

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    pet sitting is an awesome business and you can set your own hours!! I do trips to peoples houses and charge anywhere from 15$ a trip on up(depending on how far I have to travel) I add 3$ per extra dog add 1.50$ for medicating add extra $$ if they want you to walk their pet for more than 15-20 minutes etc etc etc... you can also offer doggy transport service, there are alot of elderly that cant get their pets to the vets/groomers/etc. so the pets usually go without vet care and such... put up fliers in senior centers and librarys and adult apartment/townhome complexes, etc.....My daughter also does overnight stays and charges 40$ to 75$ per day....she waters plants, takes in the mail, feeds everything from cats, dogs, horses, cows ferrets, fish lizards etc.... it all depends on how much they want her to do.....there is also mobile dog grooming... where you come to the owners house and bathe their pets...good $$ in that too especially for the older could incorperate dog walks into that too... good luck

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    I'm in the process of setting up my own dog walking and pet sitting business. I've beed doing it my whole life- now the only difference is that I'm going to be insured and I'll make money :)

    The only requirement is patience. This is the type of business that takes a little time to get off the ground. However, I reccomend that if you live in my area you don't start one, because I'll take all your business =P

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    hi - My sister has created an tremendously useful puppy sitting employer. She all began letting pals be attentive to she became obtainable. via be attentive to mouth, she has grow to be very everyday. some concepts of the place to get shoppers - there is often the bulletin board on the food market, puppy shop or vets. you additionally could have employer playing cards made (I noticeably propose this - for a professional visual attraction and simplicity of having the information out to potential clientele - and that they are affordable to make now days) She additionally spoke with interior of sight realtors, because they sell residences and such, and supply propose on finding out to purchase, elegance shops, different interior of sight companies to potential shoppers. there is often the newspaper too, or door-to-door. It enables to have a splash resume made up for attitude clientele (what varieties of pets you're prepared to shelter, what adventure you have had) and you're able to think of approximately costs too. sturdy success. to respond to your question approximately being long previous and what could I do - we depart our pets at domicile and a family participants member has a tendency them. My sister is going to the individuals's residences - she would not carry the animals to her domicile. As a edge line, you additionally can herald mail, newspaper, water plant life, etc for out-of-towners. the choose arises to look into getting bonded whilst you're going into it that some distance.

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    It will take a little practice, and a little investment but you could offer microchipping. People will pay for you to microchip their dogs and cats. The vets over charge.

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