state 3 inportant functions of red blood cells. state 3 roles of white blood cells?

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    red cells:

    1. The red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues in the body.

    2. They also carry carbon dioxide from the body tissues to the lungs.

    3. Adhere to the walls of blood vessels at the site of an injury and thus plug the defect in the vascular wall.

    4. Blood clotting.

    white cells:

    1. help to defend the body against infectious disease and foreign materials as part of the immune system.

    2. yield antibodies and arrange them on the membrane.

    3. activate, boost or make more precise the immune response.

    4. produce antibodies and kill foreign cells (phagocytosis).

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    Function Of Red Blood Cells

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    state 3 inportant functions of red blood cells. state 3 roles of white blood cells?

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    RBC -

    Contains cells which help in the growth of the body, and are responsible for the oxygen intake and growth.

    Newborns: 4.8 - 7.2 million

    Adults: (males): 4.6 - 6.0 million

    (Females): 4.2-5.0 million

    Pregnancy: slightly lower than normal adult values

    Children: 3.8 – 5.5 million

    WBC - Helps in fighiting the germs out of our body,

    Normal values for total WBC and differential in adult males and females are:

    Total WBC: 4,500 - 10,000

    Bands or stabs: 3 - 5 %

    Granulocytes (or polymorphonuclears)

    Neutrophils (or segs): 50 - 70% relative value (2500-7000 absolute value)

    Eosinophils: 1 - 3% relative value (100-300 absolute value)

    Basophils: 0.4% - 1% relative value (40-100 absolute value)

    Agranulocytes (or mononuclears)

    Lymphocytes: 25 - 35% relative value (1700-3500 absolute value)

    Moncytes: 4 - 6% relative value (200-600 absolute value)

    Each differential always adds up to 100%. To make an accurate assessment, consider both relative and absolute values. For example a relative value of 70% neutrophils may seem within normal limits; however, if the total WBC is 20,000, the absolute value (70% x 20,000) would be an abnormally high count of 14,000.

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    as far as i know RBC's have red pigment haemoglobin which combine with oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin which is carried to the lungs. About WBCs they are mostly phagocytic in nature and help in defence,

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    function of RBCs

    (1)they have haemoglobin which carries oxygen

    role of WBCs

    (1)they build antibodies which are responsible for immunity of our body

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    RBC's Carry oxygen throughout the body; They carry waste back to the kidneys,lungs and digestive systems;

    WBC's Fight disease;

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    Yes, is the brief answer to your main question. It seems that the 15 June 2000 'Watchtower' magazine was one that caused a stir by bringing out a new understanding of how fractions of any of the primary components of blood might be acceptable to JWs. This was timely for one JW man who took advantage of this new understanding, as reported in an article in the 24 September 2000 'Sacramento Bee'. He accepted a transufsion of HemoPure (R) a highly purified oxygen-carrying hemoglobin solution made from fractionated bovine (cow) blood. One of the JWs Hospital Liaison Committee elders approved the use of this and the JW man was brought back from the brink of death. But for many years, the Watch Tower Society insisted that it is wrong to sustain life by administering a transfusion of blood or plasma or red cells or other component parts of blood. "Yes! ...the prohibition includes 'any blood at all'. (1) "...various tonics and tablets sold by druggists show on their labels that they contain blood fractions such as hemoglobin. So it is necessary for one to be alert... if they are to keep themselves 'without spot from the world'." (2) As recently as 1998 two officials from the Watchtower Society's 'Hospital Information Services' wrote that JWs "do not accept hemoglobin which is a major part of red blood cells... Jehovah's Witnesses do not accept a blood substitute which uses hemoglobin taken from a human OR ANIMAL source." [Caps mine] (3) This means that up till 1998, no JW could consider taking the treatment that JW man was 'allowed' to receive in September 2000, which saved his life. The 15 June 2000 article is reprinted in the 15 June 2004 Watchtower, article 'Questions From Readers', pages 29-31. There is also a detailed article in the August 2006 Awake! magazine, pages 3-12. One illustration shows leukocytes (in white blood cells) contstitute less than 1% of whole blood, as do thrombocytes (in platelets). Proteins (also found in plasma) can be fractionated and used for various conditions. But as for hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers in red blood cells, the article warns of two objections to using them; it carries out the key function of a primary component of the red cells, and, hemoglobin makes up a significant portion of that component. Given that the JW whose life was saved by transfusions of HemoPure (R) received hemoglobin-based oxygen-carrying cow's cells, it is difficult to understand why he would be 'allowed' to receive that. JWs may view this as "artificial blood" and think no further. Well, if that saves their lives - fine! But how any JW can claim that receiving fractionated hemoglobin solution does not violate their interpretation of "abstain from blood" is beyond me. Is it a case of... "Don't give me a pint of the red human stuff, but give me all the separated hemoglobin from cow's blood that it takes to oxygenate my own depleted blood supply!" ?

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    i think white blood cells help in something, i forget what

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