do you have to blame the creator of Full Metal Alchemist?

you see, in the movie, ed left winry...instead, he goes with his bro-alphonse. Many of the FMA fans are so like pissed off seeing the movie just that. So? Blame the guy? Or are there any other violent comments?? XP

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    blame the anime-maker bcoz theyre the one who make the movie. if you read the manga , it is a different thing altogether ,such as the plot , the character, and so on . hope that manga didnt follow the anime....

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    This is my personal view and opinion.

    The entire point of the movie was to reunite the Elric brothers from the end of the TV series and to finish off the 3 remaining homunculus.

    All of which were accomplished.

    Ed leaving Winry was inevitable. If things ended happy and without a care, Fullmetal Alchemist would've been another over-cliched piece of crap. Instead, the director and creator decided to break the common cliche by making Ed choose - Winry, who never truly became essential to the story and Noah, who became far more essential than Winry could ever be.

    With the menace of the the homunculus gone. Why would Ed and Al have any reason to stay in that world? Whereas, in our world, there is a rogue guy with a uranium bomb running around. Ed and Al have to go put a stop to it. Also, the fact that Nazi Germany was about to rise, Noah would surely be in trouble, since she is a gypsy.

    In short, my belief is - Rose loved Ed, Winry loved Al and Noah loves Ed.

    If you think Ed left Rose, then here. Rose was already raped and hurt by the State soldiers. Ed wouldn't want to hurt her further by bringing those issues back to her mind. I'm 100% sure she was traumatized.

    He wanted to protect Noah, who was merely an innocent gypsy at this point.

    I hope you get what I'm saying.

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    First off I would like to say I loved the film. I'm not sure why most people are upset about the film. The relationship between Ed and Winry wasn't a strong focus in the series. Maybe they had feelings for each other, but their relationship never became serious. In the film Ed shows up in his world, get a new set of automail from Winry and rushes off to fight off the invasion and is sent back to the other world. I could understand people being upset if Ed came back, had an extensive romantic relationship with Winry and left, but he didn't.

    The main theme of the series was the brotherhood between Ed and Alphonse. Ed's main goal was to find a way to restore his brother's body. He gives up his arm and leg to keep his soul, and at the end of the series he restores the body with the soul at the cost of being lost in the other world. I thought it was tragically ironic that he restores his brother but can never see him again. The movie gives an uplifting ending in that the brothers are reunited once more, although they are stuck in the other world.

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    Actually, I was glad he DID leave Winry. That woman is WAY too violent. And it was actually Al that left with Ed, not the other way around.

    I LOVED the movie. I'm just bummed that it's over.

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  • 1 decade ago

    HEY! I thought it was a great ending! Although, I DO kinda wish they could at least have taken Winry with them.

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    I dont think the anime and manga are the same at all. Yeah i hate the movie, the plot seems too messy and too many loose ends.

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    Why blame the guy? he did what he have to do in order to make a good anime show. i'm not pissed for sure i know that but as long as i get to see it i'm happy!! yup yup =D

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    Aaargh!! so that's the anime-version ending? i didn't know.. i only read the manga and it has slighty different story, and in my opinion, better than the anime.

    al rocks

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    The creator iz a girl!

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