Where/How can I learn how to change a tire?

I think that's a skill that everyone should at least be familiar with. I really want to learn, and to be able to practice it several times under supervision. Where or how can I learn?


I have checked the owner's manual and books, but I'm a bit nervous about trying it myself, and would at least like some supervision when I try it for the first time.

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    1 decade ago
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    You might try asking a neighbor or friend to help, as I agree, if you don't know what you're doing, it's better to have someone walk/talk you through it.

    Also, for a small fee, maybe a local service station or tire shop will help you.

    But I do agree, I think everyone should know how to change a flat, (and WHEN to change it, or drive to a safe spot to do it [I refuse to change a flat while on the freeway, as a passing truck could blow the car off the jack] but it seems to be a loss art anymore.

    Maybe they should require it on the driving test.

    By the way, you might want to throw a pair of work gloves, and maybe a blanket (to set/kneel on the ground) in your tire changing kit.

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    I got a flat once on the coast north of Santa Cruz, CA, at night, in the rain and had to learn real quick how to change it all by myself! The first thing you want to do is make sure you always have some "fix-a-flat" in your trunk, which is a good temporary fix if you've picked up a nail, not so helpful for a blow-out.

    Check the owner's manual for your car. There should be a section on changing the tire that will give you exact instructions for your car on how to access and use the jack and tire-iron, loosen the lug-nuts (leftie-loosie), access the spare, change the tire, tighten the lug nuts, and store the bad tire where the spare was. Then you'll need to replace it and put a new tire back on, as most spares are skinny little temp tires that aren't supposed to go over x mph, (and most spare tire rims don't match the rest of the car's wheels - but that's only cosmetic).

    Good luck on your endeavor. I think I would have benefitted from some previous knowledge when I made my first, necessary, attempt; but it really wasn't that hard, & I was really proud of myself and felt sooo empowered once the deed was done!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It should say how to do it in your owners manual if it's still in the car.

    If not........

    ALWAYS MAKE SURE ITS ON SEMI-LEVEL GROND AND SET THE PARKING BRAKE! NEVER GET UNDERNEATH THE CAR WHILE ON A JACK.Trust me on this one. The jacks that they give you with the car aren't very stable.

    1 Get the jack out of the car.

    2 Read where to place it (it should say on the truck sticker where you go the jack where to place it.

    3 Take the hubcap off.

    4 While the car is still on the ground break the lug nuts loose (lefty loosey righty tighty)

    5 Jack the car up until the tire is clear of the ground by a few inches.

    6 Take the lug nuts off

    7 Take the tire and rim off, if it wont come off make sure you have all the nuts off and kick it lightly near the bottom

    8 Replace tire with the spare and tighten the lug nuts as much as you can in a criss cross pattern (dont go around in a ring)

    9 Lower jack.

    10 Tighten the lug nuts up as tight as you can by hand using the wrench.

    Lug nuts SHOULD be torqued to a specified amount using a torque wrench but nobody ever seems to do this anymore.

    I'm sure you have a male relative around that can give you a hand.

    Source(s): Too cheap to buy good tires. Auto Mechanic for many years.
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    I know it sounds silly but I learned on a night class at local college for basic vehicle maintenance. It is a necessary skill to have if you are driving a lot. Saying that I'm now a HGV mechanic so I guess the course gave me a bug lol. Happy Christmas

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you have the owners manual and the jack and stuff its easy to figure out, just try it on your day off. Its about as hard as putting together ikea furniture but once you get it your all good

  • Anonymous
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    Ask your dad or boyfreind to show you how to do it. It isnt that hard and thats good you want to learn how to do it. Alot of people, men included dont know how to change a tire when they get a flat. You dont want that happening at night, when its raining or when its real cold out. ;)

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    Ask your dad or a friend with some help.

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