Is it possible that the Bush Administration is led by a Paranoid Schizophrenic with visions of Grandeur?

I have been closely attentive to the Bush Administration since 9/11...

It is rather peculiar the turn of events spawned in the aftermath....

It is duly noted that this presidency has been defined based upon 9/11 and "The War On Terror."

In my 46 years, I have never seen a president so coyly change his stance and objectives as much as this one does.

He seems to be adamantly bent on causing war and destruction even at the cost of destroying our global image on the world stage, our State of National Security as well as our strategic advantage within the United Nations Community.

In earnest truth, he has done more harm to America than good....

After the abduction of Saddam, he claimed that victory had been achieved and that the war was over....

As Commander and Chief, Bush could have never been more wrong nor short-sighted as to the consequences of his illegitimate agenda.

Since those remarks, the entire Middle East has become a convection pot of pandemonium, and is exploding.

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    1 decade ago
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    I believe that the Bush Administration is led by visions of truckloads of cash profit from the Iraq invasion and occupation.

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    1 decade ago

    Very good you have come to the same conclusion I did and know this he maybe all that and stupid to boot but he is also conniving and has a will to power with the backing of some very clever manipulators advising him ( the oil multinationals ) right now they are working on the destruction of the Constitution and our rights as citizens they no longer need warrants or proof and can hold you as long as they wish without even telling anyone they have you the entire Iraqi invasion is to gain control of the oil and they are already planting disinformation to do the same in Iran ! His father let us not forget put Saddam in power to begin with and terrorism has benefited big oil giving them huge profit increases ! the reason Saddam was displaced was because he became inconvenient to them look what he did in Kuwait and after he still refused to play ball with them this is why he was displaced ask yourself these questions who has benefited most from all this financially , what laws were passed to combat terrorism what rights have you lost because of them and what are the potentials for misuse , do you have ANY protection for this misuse , and if misused today how long before this country could be secured by the misuser ( what steps would you take ) is there anyone here with the IQ of a gerbil or better who can see what I have been saying now ?

    And you democrats don't you feel smug and safe your leaders are no better as they are owned body and soul by the same people who own Bush look at your precious Clinton he was acting security for Bush SR in Mena AK while governer there running drugs for the CIA ! And now his wife wants to be elected how many people believe she knew nothing about that or the 32 murders that they were alleged to be involved with ? Just to keep that dirty little secret and what ever happened there if I had done something half that bad I would be dead by now !

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    It is more sinister than you say. They are using the Nazi playbook from the 30's and so far it is still working. 9/11 followed by patriotic fervor against the evil enemy, the security crackdown to "protect us" from the danger, the invasion and genocide that followed, intimidation of any that might disagree, and all in the name of an agenda of Purity, this time from the Evangelicals. Don't mistake these guys as nutcase s, for they have worked this all out very carefully, and they mean us no good. And heaven help the Arabs on the receiving end of shock and awe. Iraq and Afghanistan are part of a serious plan. The Afghan oil pipeline is ready to go, the poppies are producing very profitable heroin for London and NYC, and the rich Iraqi Oil is guarded by US troops.

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    >> Since those remarks, the entire Middle East has become a convection pot of pandemonium, and is exploding <<

    You don't pay very much attention do you? In fact, the Mid East has never been better.

    Palestinians are killing other palestinians now (a GOOD thing!). Iran has painted itself into a corner with the U.N. Security Council voting unanamiously to sanction Iran for it's nuclear activities. Oh, and by the way Libya, once a terrorism exporting nation, has capitulated without us even firing a shot. Seems they took us seriously after seeing the bombs drop in other muslim nations.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What you need to do is look carefully at the previous response to the middle east from the "past occupant" of the white house. Had you wouldve looked just as attentively at the previous administration you wouldve seen Sudan ignored when the pleaded for help on definite capture of Bin Laden. If you go to and click on the fox tv clip you can see a hilarious venture of the "president" defending his ridiculous attempt at dealing with the terrorist school in 92 while attending to his interests with interns and cigars.

    now lets examine the idea that this president caused this war. what "caused " jihad was infact the distribution of cia money when we backed bin laden as the us supporter in the middle guessed it..." the former occupants" administration.

    I take particular offense to the visions of grandeur statement. Please allow me to refresh your memory. Travelgate, filegate, whitewater, the cattle futures fiasco, the health care fiasco, jennifer, paula, monica, what is, lying under oath to a federal grand jury.etc, etc, oh and by the way, if you or I had lied to a federal grand jury under oath, how long would we be out of jail...and this ISNT visions of grandeur, the largest tax increase in us history, the tie breaking vote on social security taxation, the vince foster sure you see the point.

    I will give you one point however, he wasnt coy, he was OVERT.

    By your statement about the cause of the war, perhaps you missed the us cole, the previous attempt of the trade center bombing and the destruction of the us embassies in africa. when you ignore things like this as a president maybe you might wish to consider these as dark clouds of the storm ahead.

    National security involves action, this was action. the true test of being a commander in cheif is response, not cavorting with interns on the floor of the oval office. i was there at wtc at 911 and there was nothing illegitimate about the agenda of protecting this country. the liberals then, and now as Harry Reid clearly demonstarated with Nancy Pelosi on Cnn have no agenda other than regaining power, presumably at any cost. the laughable thing here is Mr Reid and Pelosi now infact support the temporary expansion of troops in Iraq which was the exact same "illegitemate" agenda your speaking of.

    The problem here is the clintonspeak only gets you so far and then those pesky facts get in the way.

    Im truly amazed that after your self admitted forty six years of examining presidential politics you can let the diatribe that hasnt worked since the Johnson Administaration in 67 with the "new deal" get in the way of one cold hard fact...there aint no such thing as a free lunch and liberals spend what conservatives earn to maintain that illusion.

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    3 years ago

    answer the door with a semi-vehicle pistol and have everybody interior the room pointing weapons on the door besides. Then whilst the customer is supplied in shine a extensive spot gentle on him/her and then yell 'ask your self!'. even ensure to spike the punch with horse tranquilizers to characteristic that exceptional element to the occasion. :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Our President has caused this country more damage than ten Nixon's could have. I've done some reading on Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rove. For a shorter synopsis wikipedia them. These men are evil. I have never had a high regard for the republican party, each of them on their own confirm to me that there is something wrong in that party. They have undermined everything this country used to stand for. They have no morals, they have no compassion, they have no regard for the law, they have no regard for the constitution, they have no regard for the American people. I think they hate America and what it used to stand for to the rest of the world, and are doing everything in their power to bring us down to the level of the terrorists. Their certainly trying to bring us down, the only war they are winning is the war on the middle-class. I repeat, these men are evil.

  • Bawney
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    1 decade ago

    You liberals forgot that Algore and Kerry both LOST! If anyone fits the description of being Paranoid Schizophrenic with visions of Grandeur, that's your boys!

  • 1 decade ago

    The man is a liar, and maybe mentally ill. The USA has a lot to ponder over, about how such a corrupt organisation came in control of the most powerful government in the world.

  • 1 decade ago

    Very possible. But the problem is, how do you prove paranoia in a man who has so many REAL enemies? In a president, it just does not make sense.

    See if you can find the old movie called "The President's Analyst." I think it will make the point.

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