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Do you consider Judas to be evil?

If it was his calling by God to betray Jesus in order to forfill god's will.

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    No I do not.The scripture had to be fulfilled.I am a avid Bible reader,today I am going to read The Gospel of Judas.That

    may answer any questions I have.

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    Good question.

    Was Judas forced by God to do evil and betray Jesus or was he chosen because God knew he would commit this act?

    Consider Jesus words, " I know the people I’ve chosen to be apostles. However, I’ve made my choice so that Scripture will come true. It says, ‘The one who eats my bread has turned against me.’ Mt. 13:18

    Judas had been stealing from the money bag for the poor before he sold out completely. Maybe this is a good lesson about how compromise in small ways can lead us down a path we never thought we would go.

    Judas had the same forgiveness available that Peter did after he had denied Jesus 3 times, yet he chose to take his own life instead of accepting it.

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    For centuries theologians and philosophers have debated the question of just how much freedom we have—so I doubt if I can solve it in just a few paragraphs!

    Nevertheless, the Bible makes it clear that Judas was entirely responsible for the decision he made to betray Jesus. It was a deliberate act on his part; it wasn't done in a sudden burst of anger or a fit of uncontrolled rage. He sought out those who were opposed to Jesus and offered to reveal where He could be found. Once they paid him, Judas "watched for an opportunity to hand Jesus over to them when no crowd was present" (Luke 22:6).

    At the same time, God knew what Judas would do, and in ways we can't fully understand, God directed Judas' path. Many centuries before, the prophet Zechariah had predicted the Messiah would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver (see Zechariah 11:12-13). Now, in God's providence, that prophecy was fulfilled by Judas' treachery.

    The story of Judas is one of the most tragic in Scripture. He had been with the Lord almost since the beginning of His ministry; he had seen Jesus perform miracles and heard His teaching. And yet in his heart, he was not a believer. May this not be true of you or of anyone reading this column. Instead, make sure of your salvation by humbly turning in faith to Christ.

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    It's no one's calling to be evil. We all have an evil human nature that we must denounce and a free will to choose follow Jesus or reject him. Judas chose, even after knowing Jesus and witnessing all of His miracles to not only reject Him but to betray him to the Jews he knew that wanted to do harm to Him. Yes, I see Judas as being very evil. It would've been bad enough for him to just walk away and stop following the Lord after all he saw and heard but to betray Him like that was the lowest.

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    He was just a man who fell back into the the ways of the religion that had was the traditional one approved by God. He was not born again and I don't think even baptized. To my knowledge, he didn't commit a sin against the Holy Spirit.

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    Judas was mostly misguided. He figured that if Jesus HAD to save himself, he would, and would thus establish himself as the warrior messiah that the Jews had long (mistakenly) hoped for. When Jesus let the soldiers take him, he fell apart and tried to fix it, but the damage was already done. When he looked at himself, what he saw disgusted him, it was so evil. And yet, he was still not beyond forgiveness... if only he had known that before he hung himself, thus squashing his chance at redemption.

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    Well what Judas did was an evil act and I will never believe that God ordained this to happen,God cannot force our will nor can He sanction evil.

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    Actually he was greedy. God does not pre-ordain our lives. Although God in his wisdom can discern what our actions will eventually be, we always have the opportunity to change. Which is why God says he it is his will that all come to knowledge of him and his son Jesus. Of course not all persons will do that.

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    incorrect. The "biblical prophecy of the Christ" replaced into in basic terms reported after it replaced into sparkling the Jesus replaced into going to be betrayed. His words that "that's taking place just to fulfill the prophecy," are in basic terms words of compassion. He in basic terms tried to make Judas no longer sense in charge, by using fact he replaced into, as you reported, Jesus's favored disciple. no longer something greater; why are you oftentimes attempting to make each thing so complicated? And sure, the great beginning place of Christianity is that Jesus replaced into killed and then resurrected. That proves that Christianity based upon a corpse, a lifeless physique - Jesus's. Christianity is in step with dying. it somewhat isn't any longer in step with what Jesus got here here to do - to hold greater love and compassion into the international. No, Christianity relies on the "miracle" that Jesus replaced into killed, yet resurrected. Christianity is in step with Jesus's resurrected self. Jesus is greater substantial after he died than while he replaced into alive. Christianity would not stick to Jesus, it follows Judas, and prefer Judas, that's betraying Jesus as quickly as greater.

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    No, I don't consider him to be evil, what he did was evil, put in his mind and will by Satan, He succumbed to Satan, and did Satan's will, not his. God allowed it because scripture had to be fulfilled.Just as it is not God's will that any should perish, but it is written in scripture that many will. God's word does not return to Him void.

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    People are given free will, therefore, he wasn't necessarily evil... but what he did do put him in the bottom level of hell with Satan, so he falls into the same level of evil as Lucifer, and Brutus.

    Source(s): A Divine Comedy - Dante
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