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Is it possible to create a bluetooth LAN betweeen two computers???

Actually I gt a internet connection on my PC which I want to share with my laptop which got bluetoooth.. I want to know if it is possible if so how to create LAN using bluetooth

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello, it is not possible just through the bluetooth. You need to have a bluetooth wireless adapter (like 802.11g). Then you can use that to create a network if you like. Bluetooth by itself doesn't support ethernet.

    Think of bluetooth like wireless USB. You can't just plug a USB cable into systems and share internet, but if you have a USB modem or a USB ethernet adapter, then you can share a network.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with The Alchemist but consider that bluetooth is not a very reliable wireless infrastructure since it could only reach small distances. We are talking about 8' max between the router and the computers.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can try to connect a crossover ethernet cable between your pc and your laptop (if both have network cards) and thus create a network between them first. After that you can try to use internet connection sharing feature in windows .

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  • hamic
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    3 years ago

    in case you opt directly to proportion internet, you opt on a router, then you particularly can connect the router and it particularly is all accomplished. The router would desire to comprise special instructions, i like the Belkin 54G router because of the fact it particularly is the main inexpensive call-form one i've got stumbled on ($39 at maximum branch shops) and that i realize it particularly works (i've got put in 3 of them) however the form is definitely as much as you. in basic terms a type of Belkins has long gone undesirable, and Belkin replaced it for unfastened. i do no longer understand if all routers comprise this however the Belkin one comes with a setup CD that courses you thru plugging each thing in wisely and immediately courses the router to paintings as nicely as guiding you thru allowing protection.

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