do you think an introvert can have a decent future ahead of him/her?

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    Oh yes.

    Introvert people tend to be quite calm and sweet and ponder over things a lot... In their own way they tend to sort things out sooner or later, perhaps even better that full-on extroverts who just barge all over the place!

    Long life (and a bright future) to all introverts out there!


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    I know an introvert can have a decent future ahead of them because there are thousands of types of jobs and one of them ought to fit the description of an introvert. A lot of authors are said to be introverted because introverts are said to be highly creative. Some introverts have mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and Autism. I am one of the most introverted people. I even get freaked out and scared of my own voice because I speak in a monotone and I cannot really say how I feel about anything. I don't know many introverts because most people never stop talking.

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    an introvert can be trained into an extrovert, im an example (i turned this way through using drugs, but now im clean, but im also an extrovert). anyhow i believe yes they can have a decent future, maybe not in business management or politics or office careers or otherwise careers involving the public...but they would do fine as a computer programmer or in the sciences or something of that sort (and probably make a lot more money too)

    as far as socially, birds of a feather flock together, although thats not always the case.

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    Absolutely,the following famous people are.were introverts: Queen Elizabeth II ° Albert Einstein ° Steven Spielberg

    Charles Darwin ° Mia Farrow ° Warren Buffett

    Jacqueline Kennedy ° Michael Jordan

    Carl Jung ° Katherine Hepburn

    Friedrich Nietzsche ° Sir Isaac Newton ° Jane Goodall.

    Other introverts are: Some famous introverts include Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Alfred Hitchcock, Bill Gates and Steve Martin.

    30% of the population are introverts, most of us are ambiverts (we possess qualities of both introverts and extroverts).

    "In using brain scans to study personality differences, researchers found introverts have more brain activity, in general, and specifically in their frontal lobes. When these areas are activated, introverts are energized by retrieving long-term memories, problem solving, introspection, complex thinking and planning, Their brain pathway also switches on the "rest and digest" side of the nervous system, so they can slow down to conserve their body energy to do all that thinking."(source:

    "Generally, introverts are intelligent problem-solvers with good concentration. They frequently are gifted in math, science, music or art and enjoy working alone. They're late bloomers, often marrying late in life, and while they have fewer close relationships, they're strong ones.

    "What they tend to find through their lifetime is one or two very, very good friends, and they tend to be very happy with that," Cohn said. "They're not the kids going to parties or becoming cheerleaders or doing things that tend to be gregarious in nature. When they do become social, it's after a lot of observation. They tend to trust information that comes from within." (source:same as above).

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    Being an introvert doesn't mean that you're a hermit. :) When you're introverted, it generally means that your energy comes from YOU, so that when a difficult situation comes up your tendency is to move inwards, moving into yourself to deal with it.

    Extroverts in general, will have a tendency to feed off the presence of other people. And they deal with situations outwards, almost sort it out with a more physical coping mechanism of sorts.

    And that's for extreme introverts or extroverts only.

    People in general are usually a combination of both, but leaning towards one tendency than the other. :)

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    1 decade ago

    All most intelligent and knowledgeable persons become introvert gradually (example Software Engineer) so does not make any difference in decent future.

  • 1 decade ago

    Introverts have limited success; because success in large measure requires socializing and networking.

    You can live in a bubble in America and succeed, but I recommend that introverts go out there and meet some folks.

    When introverts start to look around and talk to others, they see that there are many, wonderful, nice and compatible men and women out there.

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    It depends on how far she wants to go and how much she puts forth. I am an introvert and I think I succeeded as much as I'd hoped to; I am a life coach running a practice out of my home, I think I'm making a very decent living. I think I'll go further because I am very determined.

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    O yes and with a big Y, actually most of top exec positions are introvert owned, they are calm, rational, forward thinking and don't panic easily what else do a corp want.

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    Being introvert has no bearing on success or failure. it's just a psychological trait. if one knows how to manage one's traits, one can be successful. otherwise even if an extrovert can't properly leverage his/her traits, there's little hope of success.

    pls break this habit of categorizing people and predicting their success. psychological makeup just decides WHERE one will be successful, not WHETHER one will be successful.

    Just check self traits, locate where ur aptitude lies. be in a field where u r not good, but u r great, and then u will be successful.

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