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My friend A paid me back $10,000 about four days ago which he had taken from me as a loan. After counting the money I put the money safely in the cupboard shelf and locked it. Yesterday evening I removed the money bag from the cupboard and after giving $2500 to my friend B; I put rest of the money in my desk drawer and locked it. The keys to the drawer are kept on the key stand in the living room.

Today at 3:00PM when I removed the moneybag from the drawer to put it back in the cupboard I counted it and there were only $6500. Thus $1000 has disappeared.

Two people were in my house today.

The maid servant who knows and has access to the desk drawer keys and my secretary who was here whole day arranging my office files and papers. He also has access to my drawer keys. When he arranges my desk every Sunday he gets the drawer keys himself and arranges the drawer also. This time he did not arrange my drawer.

There are three possibilities.

1.I paid $1000 more to my friend B yesterday

2.The maid servant filched it.

3.My secretary walked off with the money.

Can someone give me an un-biased opinion on this?

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    If your secretary takes the keys himself to arrange your desk drawer, but today did not, it may be because the keys were not where they are normally kept. Hence implicating the maid had the keys... maid did it..possibly, but if I were a detective on the case I would collect physical evidence to support any theories I may have. With lack of physical evidence, I would chat up friend B and ask politely if I gave them an extra $1000, even if they lie, there may be some sort of tell tale reaction. Also ask your secretary why the drawer was not organized, and see if he tells you the keys were not there, etc. Also ask the maid is she was cleaning in that room today or if she went into the drawer, some people give away guilt with just a look.

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    Your assumptions are valid. However, without direct proof you would have to find a way to aquire proof before accusing anyone. 1st I would go to B and hope that person was honest. Second I would simply ask if either had been in the drawer recently and observe their reaction. The guilty party will show their hand in some form or another. If your drawer is accessable by your secretary then they are privy to all sorts of valuables so you would have to ask why this time would they take it. Either way there is no way of proving unless the maids prints were found in the drawer which would mean she is cleaning where she should not be. Good Luck.

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    who has access to the cupboard and knows where the keys are kept did they know you had recently been paid the money on the information you give the most likely suspect is the secretary because of the break in long standing habit please give more information 1) who knew about the money 2) who had access to the cupboard keys 3 ) how long have these people been in your employ and has anyone expressed dissatisfaction with pay or working conditions 4) any other facts you might have

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    The problem with your question is youre dealing with too many variables. There is also the possibility that the friend who gave you the money took it or your friend B since they already knew you had it. As an extra 1000 dollars would be noticable with 2500, doubt that you paid anyone too much money. I would say at this point your best to look for who didnt take your money, if you rule out the illogical youre left with the logical.

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    it went missing after u first counted 10.000 and locked it in the cupboard (my opinion), then u gave 2.500 to a friend,you did not count the money again,u took 2.500 from the bag and assumed 7.500 was left in the bag,then locked it in a drawer that 2 other people know how to access, who else knew money was in the cupboard who knows how to access your cupboard or unlock it?why put it in your drawer when the cupboard is safe,why change the moneys location,where or who has access to the cupboard keys.ask yourself these Qs? there is also a possibility that the original 10.000 was miscounted by you,10.000 is easier to miscount than 2.500.

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    if it is my case i will not suspect either in the made or in the secratery , because they both will know that the fingers will be towards them , i raise the possibilities that u get mistaken first in counting the 10000 or when paying for ur friend b 2500

    try to remmber this , , ,

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    The Maid. Report it to Police. They will crack her.

    Source(s): Me. 31 years in the Detective Bureau.
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