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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

How does a person get info on studding out an english Bulldog?

I would like to hear from breeders of english bulldogs on what to do and how to stud out my bull dog do I need forms, background on the *****, what to charge, ect. Help first time for me and need to do right. So help. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you were really interested in doing this right you would belong to a Bulldog breed club, you would be speaking to other reputable breeders,reading on genetics and having your own dog health screened and tested for brucellosis. Since you are asking on YA it proves how much you do not care.

  • 1 decade ago

    IF you had a dog that was good quality and had health clearances, and came from a good would already know that answer to that.

    So, to do it right, you need to get those health clearances, then show the dog. When you have proven that the dog is of decent BREEDING quality, then you worry about breeding the dog. You see GOOD Breeders breed to dog with "lines" that compliment theirs. They do not select a stud dog from that paper, or the classifieds!! They look for one that matches what they need for their bit ch, and then look at the lines the dog is comeing from. The dog and the bit ch will probably share common dogs in the pedigree.

    If you buy a dog from a good breeder, and the breeder agreees it should be bred, THEY would be helping you with all this!!

    So this makes one think that you DID NOT get the dog from a quality breeder, and have not shown the dog, got the health clearances, and have NO idea!!

    personally, I think Bulldogs are a genetic MESS!! It MIGHT be showing that has caused these "traits" to be part of the breed and also make them less healthy, hard to breed, and hard to whelp...but THAT is what people are buying!!!! People don't refuse to buy them because of these things!!! They buy them because of the way the dog looks...which is because of the showing and selective breeding!!!!!!!!! People WANT the Bulldog to LOOK like a Bulldog!!!! So if you breed CRAPPY looking Bulldogs that look more like pits or Boxers....people will not want them!!!! THERE si where showing comes in!!! If you do NOT breed for the STANDARD......Bulldogs. pits and Boxers will soon start looking the SAME!!!!

    So nanook..or whatever you call can disagree on showing to select for proper conformation, but it is just that that makes a breed look like it does.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, first you realize the "studding" a dog isn't a word. Are you going to drive nails into your dog for a fashion look? Nobody "studs out" their dog. Dog breeders all around the world are shaking their heads in disgust of your ignorance.

    If you cannot even discuss the subject of breeding in an intelligent manner, you have no right to produce more animals.

    Read this and realize the fate your you newly "studded" dog's progeny:

  • 1 decade ago

    Ste 1: are you aware that most bulldogs can not manage a natural mating & AI is nessary to concieve a litter? Check that your vet is comfortable with this or better yet find a reproductive specialist vet who will probably have a better sucess rate.

    Now what does he have to put him a leg up on other bulldogs - major show wins? obedience or agility titles? without this- well, its hard to justify the charge for the AI & the likely c-section for pups outta mr ordinary.....

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  • 1 decade ago

    While I agree with the health clearances, I do not agree with the "need to show it" in order to make it worthy of breeding. Showing has ruined most breeds of dog. this one needs a barrel chest at the expense of something else that then becomes a problem down the line. Barrel chests are a perfect example.

    To me the working lines are where it's at, so maybe I should clarify my statement. I do not agree with conformation showing. Agility and obedience are okay IMHO.

    To me the most important thing are the health clearances. Most people who buys dogs could care less if the sire and dam won BIS at some dog show. It means nothing to them. Knowing that their dog is healthy is what people honestly look for.

    As far as studding out your English Bulldog, I can't really give you any information.

  • 1 decade ago

    honestly, do some research on your own first. talk to vets and local breeders. go to talk dog shows and ask about studding. do not ask on yahoo answers. a question like yours will cause lots of people to leave rude comments. i know, they've done it to me. but i do hope you find your answer

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