move in with gf/bf or go to school of choice?

i've been in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years now and ive decided to move closer to them for college. this is tearing me apart and its getting closer to the day i have to decide.

1) would you rather go to a good school that you absolutely love and rent a room in someones house nearby, do the long distance thing, (problem the school isnt in the best area in town)

2) or live with happily with your gf/bf and go to a school that would be your second choice and close by?

3) or drive an hour and a half everyday to the school you love and live with your gf/bf at the same time? (problems: gas expenses and time consuming)


thanks guys. these were really helpful. i'd like to hear more opinions.

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    School is an important thing. It opens doors that your parents couldn't do for you. At the same time, being in love is also a good thing. Thats a hard decision you have to deal with, but you have to answer it yourself. My advise is to follow your heart and do what you thing is best for you.

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    You will kick yourself if you don't go to the school you love. Can she move closer to your school? At least meet you halfway.

    Truthfully, no indescriminate body part is worth more than a degee that can set you up successfully for life. You can find another one for the money you'll be making.

    Her circumstances may be more flexible than you think. Spin it that way. Live 30 minutes away with her.

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    I choose the third choice.

    I move rather commute to the school of my choice, and be with the boy/girl friend.

    I would rather pay the expenses; than be unhappy at the second school of choice, and live in a bad neighborhood renting a room. At least you would be happy at school/home.

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    omg what a difficult and troubled life you live I feel really sorry for you.

    Question you should ask yourself if you live together are you gonna get any work done. Your in the 2-3 year phase man you wont have time for any school work 'm sure you knwo what i mean.

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    go to the school of your choice...if things dont work out, then you wont regret sacrificing your education at the school you love and drive the hour and a half on weekends :p

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    simple move close to dude and close to school

    where like maybe a 30 min drive to school and a little bit longer drive to see them

    love aint gonna pay the bills

    dont quit your future

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    i do no longer think of so. they are already at the same time and that they already love one yet another. there's no longer something you're able to do to renounce her and the extra you attempt to maintain her from him the extra she would be able to rebellion and save seeing him. I propose embracing their courting considering that he looks like a good youngster. while you're nonetheless frightened approximately her being sixteen and in intense college, basically make constructive the courting would not get too out of hand.

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    1- theres always weekend you can see him.

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