why is that people always saying think positive,,, but still negative things happen?

i nid yah comments this tym

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    The best positive thinking is to know and accept that negative things will keep happening, perhaps more often, and yet nothing at all is permanent.

    But then I agree that it is easy to say think positive but even those who advise can not always think positive.... unless one is such a fool as to fool oneself consistently!!!

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    people say think Positive becasue they Want the best, and wanting the best, They think it best To Look for the Best Possible outcome. Negative Things Happen, because, No Matter How much you want things to happen the way You want them To happen, Things somethimes go the other way. Is it always right To think Positive? I'm not sure, But It beats the hell out of being a Negative thinker all the time, You can be Just as wrong Going too positive as you can by going too negative.

    There's a Better Way I've heard, better than Think Positive, Three words... "Use your Judgement."


    Uncle Mike

  • thinking positive is a good thing, but things happen both positive and negative, you can't always have sunshine there must be rain too . Its the nature of life example if someone is going to die from an illness thinking postive will not change it , We struggle with good and bad , Positive thinking and being confident in yourself is good but you can't expect things to happen cause you think of it that would not be realistic . Then in that case we all could have one smooth ride through life with no interferences

    Not going to happen Positive thinking is still best cause when you think negative it hinders a solution to whatever problem it may be

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    By what means do you come to this conclusion? Watch your own thinking. If one plants Corn, then corn is going to grow from that seed. If you accept a positive thought into mind with faith in should bear fruit. But if you accept a negative thought (doubt) it will cancil the positive thought. Karma, actions in thought, word and deed are what create your life circumstances, and destiny. Read "As a man thinketh" by James Allen. It is not enough to think positive, one must stop thinking negative. This is why people repeat a mantra (pray unceasingly) focusing on Gods name.

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    Sometimes...what we may think are negative things, may actually be positive things in the outcome, or in the long term.

    One door closes, another opens.

    The power of the mind is unmatched.

    What you think and say brings things to you.

    If you put out negativity, negative things come to you.

    It is like saying to yourself..."I'll never get that job, I'm just not smart enough"...or "Why do I never have enough money?".

    Instead, try saying to yourself, and thinking to yourself..."That job is mine", "I fit perfectly in that job" and visualize yourself there.

    Instead, say to yourself, and think to yourself...."I have everything I need, whatever I need will come to me".

    It is a mindset where negative and positive are concerned.

    People say think positive, because negative brings bad energies around you. Putting positive energies out, brings them back in.

    You can see this with certain people, whom many times, we may find annoyingly happy or positive about everything.

    They understand the energy of positve thinking.

    No, not always will positive thinking keep negative things from happening.

    But in living and breathing positivity, one could also call this hope, you stand a greater chance of dealing with negative things that happen to you in a better way. And therefore, you are less likely to keep falling back into negative thinking.

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    Your usually told to think positive when negative events are occurring, thats when you need the reinforcement and advice.Its good advice too, as negative times usually pass and unless you dwell on them and stay in a negative frame of mind, a positive attitude will shorten the time you spend being down. Try to find a lesson in the bad and you will avoid negative repeats.

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    Depends on the perspective of negative. I didn't get a girl and thought it was negative, but a better one came along and it was a positive. Negative things happen to EVERYBODY, but some deal better than others. Some people are in love with negativity. If there isn't any, they invent it.

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    Thinking postive does not vanish all negative happens, it is ment to change your preception of them....

    There is good in everything or almost everything negative in your life, if you think in a positive way you open yourself up to be able to see them. It is like the old saying...'Dark cloud has a silver lining.' It does not make it any less negative, but it just lets you also see the positive side of a negative.

  • This reminds me of an old chinese story:

    There was an old farmer who was dirt poor. One day his only horse ran away. The farmer’s neighbor came over and said, “Oh, my, your horse ran away, that is so bad!”

    To which the farmer replied, “What’s good, what’s bad, who knows?”

    The next day the horse came back and other horses came with him. The farmer’s neighbor came over and said, “Oh, my, your horse came back! And he brought other horses with him! That is very good!”

    To which the farmer replied, “What’s good, what’s bad, who knows?”

    The next day the farmer’s son was trying to break one of the horses, was thrown and broke his leg. The farmer’s neighbor came over and said, “Oh, my, your only son broke his leg. Now he can not help you in the fields. That is very bad!”

    To which the farmer replied, “What’s good, what’s bad, who knows?”

    The following day the army came by taking young men to go to war. They came to the farmer’s house, but since the son had a broken leg they did not take him. The farmer’s neighbor came over and said, “Oh, my, your son escaped being drafted into the army and going to war! That is very good!”

    To which the farmer replied, “What’s good, what’s bad, who knows?”

    Sometimes bad things happen and it leads to something good. However sometimes we just make judgements on what we percieve is good or bad, but that is also a matter of perception.. Even if nothing good comes out of something, who is to say it is bad. When you see everything as good, there will never be bad.. Like my cat dies, well I can look at that as a good thing because it taught me about death.. My car breaksdown, maybe I am putting my focus on my material lifestyle rather than more important things in life.. etc.. just some thoughts.. I hope it gives you some insight :)

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    I could be a morbidly painted pessimist and tell you to check out what Murphy had to say about all of this.... (Murphy's Laws)...


    but that would be stretching it...

    Although I do somewhat believe in mind over matter... I don't think truly and deeply inside myself that just by thinking positive good things will happen.

    There's this story about this man who had faith in God and was very optimistic... He was on his horse in a desert and soon found him self by an oasis and a shady a palm tree. He decided to stop and wash himself, drink up, and take a nap in the shade. He got off his horse and he washed himself, took a drink and was about to lay down under the tree when he remembered he hadnt tied his horse. He quickly thought to himself, as if to avoid getting up from the comfortably cool spot under the tree, '' I believe in God and I have faith... and I truly think that God will not let this horse get away... " The man wakes up to find the horse gone...

    Moral of the story: Thinking and believing are clouds in a dream if there is no action.

    To expect a positive outcome, one has to do all the ensure that factors necessary for something to happen are fulfilled. In the case of the man and the horse... the man could have tied the horse to the tree.

    Now imagine this scenario... the man ties the horse but as he is tying the third knott, he thinks to himself... "I havent slept for days and I could be sleeping for hours now... What if this horse manages to loosen up these knotts and breakaway?" The man ties more knott and tightens using all the rope left over to do so, and then heads to the shade knowing he had done alll that was neccessary on his part to ensure that the horse would not flee...

    In that case it can easily be said that the man did all that was in his power... and in that case he did the "action" part of the equation.

    Now I hate to imagine this scenario... the man, after tying his horse down woke up to find that the horse fled.... now its hard to wonder what happened to the horsie, or how he actually fled... but the man, having done all he could have done to try and ensure the horse doesnt run away, can easily deflect blaming himself for it: "I did what I could... I tied it down to the max!"

    If the man hadn't tried his best and even left a few inches of rope that he could have used to make a last knott, you will find that there is room for himself to start blaming himself...

    All that to say is that you need to ACT in order to create and manifest thinks you think and believe... and when you ACT... you should try as best you can to fulfill and do things necessary for you to most readily be able to achieve your desired result.

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